Today the most successful strategy behind every online business is Search Engine Optimization and this is being followed by all the leading businesses & organizations for past 10 years. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free and effective way to get your business online to billions of people who are daily looking for products and services on search engines for their daily needs. When it comes to search engine optimization everyone thinks it’s an easy process to rank an website on top of the search engines for their desired keywords. Well the answer is no, that’s not easy to rank any website for the keywords you desire but it’s not impossible too. So if you follow the right techniques and search engine policies you can make it possible and get your business or your client’s business on top of the search engines.


There are two major techniques to follow for the success of any online website or business through Search Engine Optimization. They are On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization techniques to be followed. On page optimization deals with the content & structure of the website whereas Off page optimization deals with building quality backlinks which will help your website to gain authority and higher ranking in the search engines.

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Below are the Top 5 Best Off Page Optimization Techniques you should follow:-

Guest Posting:-

The best evergreen method & technique loved by all the major search engines is Guest Posting. Submitting your content to 100’s of websites related to your industry will fetch you more authority and good ranking to your online business in the Search Engines. Contextual link targeting will always get your content approved by the webmasters and blogger’s.

Blog Commenting:-

One of the easiest ways to gain backlinks and authority to your website or blog is Blog Commenting. Just Google some of the best & high quality blogs under your business or niche and start dropping your valuable comments to get quality backlinks. One of the thing which everyone hates is spamming, so do not spam them by posting unrelated comments which will surely end up wasting your time and the blog owner won’t even bother to read your comment nor think of approving it. Always try to provide your opinions which are related to the content so that the author’s can approve it and you gain a backlink to your website.

Forum Postings and Q & A Sites:-

Another way to get backlinks for your business or website is by Forum Postings. This can be done by searching for relevant high quality forums under your business or niche. It’s always better to join a discussion in the forums and share your website link wherever necessary for the topic. Popular question & answer sites like Yahoo, Wikileaks, Quora, etc can help you get some quality backlinks and traffic to your business or blog.

Social Media:-

Use the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn and many more to establish your brand to bigger audience and at the same time gain more traffic to your online business. Social networking sites are creating a bigger impact on everyone’s day to day life, so it would help you and your business to get more leads and conversions if you use these social media sites effectively and efficiently :)

Hire SEO Marketers:

This option you can use if you don’t have any knowledge about search engine optimization, but still you want your business to get ranked on top of the popular search engines. Hiring an SEO company can make your work easier for this; I would recommend Teliad marketing services. Always do a research in Google, before hiring any company or agency as some of the marketing companies use black hat methods to rank your site in the search engines this in turn might bring penalty to your website and also read the reviews presented by several webmasters who have used their products & services on forums & blogs.