The first date is actually an initial meeting between two people. The two talk to each other to plan and organize any kind of social activity. It is significantly a romantic process which is developed in order to carry forward the relationship to marriage and forever. This day came in the life of Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson in the year 1989. And now Obama’s first date inspires movie “Southside with you”. This movie is a chronicle of the moments spent by Obama and Mitchell on their trip of two days to the Art Institute.


The whole incident is being already narrated by the two in their past interviews and now it will be a movie. Obama was doing his internship where Michelle worked, i.e. in a Chicago law firm. They both got married in the year 1992. She was an advisor to an advisor who was actually Barack Obama. It is finally revealed that now people will experience their first date visually with a movie “Southside with you” where Obama took his first lady love around the city of Chicago. The film will be directed by Richard Tanne and its story will revolve around an associate asking his female boss for a date out.

It has been revealed that the female protagonist of the TV serial, Gossip Girl will play the role of Michelle and the role of Barack Obama is yet to be cast. This would not be the first true love story drawn from THE WHITE HOUSE. Now, finally we will visualize their first date which does seem to be utterly romantic as they both walked down hands in hands with each other to the Southside of Chicago and spent their time together for the first time apart from their work. They both actually proved the perfect meaning of first dates, i.e. to talk their hearts out with each other and about their feelings.

Are you guys eagerly waiting for the movie “Southside with You”- A first date love story of the President Obama with his first lady love Michelle?