What is Nster?

Nster 1

Nster is a West Hollywood, CA based IT Solution Company. Nster provides high quality traffic using some unique self-made technologies. The special thing about Nster is that it also helps you generate couple of Dollars in hand. Though here are many alternative like BuySellAds, Nster does it differently.

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What Nster can do for you?

  • Boost Traffic – Based on the content of your blog Nster displays it on the most relevant websites. That’s called targeted traffic and nothing is better than targeted audience.
  • You get the traffic, user gets the story – This is how it works. Nster gives a personalized experience by displaying your content online.
  • Make money – Say NO to sick banners. Start displaying targeted ads, decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rate.

Why should you choose Nster?

The answer is simple, Nster widget helps you drive right and target audience to your Blog or Website. You may exchange traffic, decrease bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. With all these benefits Nster also helps you generate money as stated above and yes Nster is FREE!

How does it Work?

Nster’s Content Discovery Platform is new but you cannot ignore its awesomeness. It can help you get more exposure to your blog/website and you can also monetize. The procedure is simple:

Nster 2

  • Fill out your requirements (type of content to be displayed, etc.) and customize your widget. You don’t have to waste your time by indulging yourself with codes, you may simply embed the generated code where ever you feel like in your blog (Sidebar, Top or below the post, etc.).

Nster 3

  • See it coming and measure your progress.

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Why you will love using Nster?

  • First and the foremost thing, it’s FREE!
  • You may choose your targeted audience.
  • You may place the widget anywhere you feel like. It is all up to you.
  • Nster offers full customization for better blending of the widget into your blog.
  • It has got a full-fledged Analytic System to keep tack on the statistics
  • 24/7 Support system is yet another point in the list.