YouTube recently updated with the new feature which allows us to create multiple YouTube Channels onto one account. in the past we used different email address for the different account to create other YouTube Channels. But now, recently YouTube updated with the features of creating multiple YouTube Channels within a single account.

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How to Create Multiple YouTube Channels in one account?

Well, if you have already one YouTube Channel and need to create another one YouTube Channel with the different name then follow the steps given below.


Go to Google and Sign in with your Google account’s email ID and password


After signing in with Google , go to YouTube by clicking on YouTube icon for the more information check the screenshot below.

Go to YouTube from Google Search Page


After clicking on YouTube Icon you will be redirect to the YouTube, there you will see your Google+ Profile pic at right top corner of the page. Click on your pic then few options will be show up as drop down Then click “Switch Account“. See the screenshot below for the example :
Switch YouTube Channel


When you click on “Switch account” option, Then, new box will be appear with options to switch your YouTube Channel account but if you haven’t created any account earlier then switching account option will be disappear and you have to choose and click on “All My Choices” see the screenshot below, for the more information.

All my choices - YouTube


Now, you will be taken to the different page, where you will be able to see listing of all your YouTube channel (if you have) or you will see “Create a New Channel” option to create new channel with your same account.

Create a new Channel - YouTube


Click on “Create a new Channel” button then you will be taken to the new page of form of creating new YouTube Channel.
Create new channel in youtube


Fill the all required data in the new channel creating form. In the first input you have to enter a name of your new YouTube channel, Then select a Category of your YouTube Channel. and third option select appropriate mean who can see your videos on YouTube? There are some options available for your videos to show. and you have to select according to your need.

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Now, it’s time to read Pages Terms, or if you have already read the page terms of new YouTube channel then check the check box to confirm that you are agree to the page terms and finally, click on “Finished” and you have done ! :)

So, Now, you have 2 different YouTube Channels on your single Google account that you can switch to old or new channel any time and also you can create other YouTube Channels as many as you want.