If you, like many people in recent years, are considering packing up with some cross country movers and relocating to Florida, you are probably researching a number of factors involved in living in the state. Many families have visited Florida in the past and feel it’s the right place to put down roots. The new arrivals are often Northerners, who are escaping the harsh winters and moving to areas like Sarasota, Florida. where they can enjoy outdoor activities year-round and a lifestyle that encourages relaxation and social interaction. Here are some issues to consider when planning a move to Florida:



Florida offers its residents a climate with year-round warmth and sunshine that allows them to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. Golfing, boating, fishing, swimming, water sports, tennis and bicycling are popular activities for Floridians. The summer months bring heavy afternoon rains and occasional hurricanes, which residents are able to prepare for, well in advance. The 90-degree temperatures of summer often keep air-conditioning systems working around the clock.


With the large increase of new residents in Sarasota County, new employment positions are being created every day. The best paying jobs in the area are generally in the management field, followed by legal positions and healthcare professionals. Those with a high level of computer skills can expect top pay in Sarasota, as well as those with architectural and engineering training. A variety of life science, education and social service positions are also available that offer good salaries.

Cost of Living

Florida has one of the most affordable costs of living in the country. Many people are drawn to the state because it has no state tax, affordable housing and reasonable property tax rates. Developers offer many new homes in Sarasota, FL and nearby cities that are considerably below the cost of homes in other areas of the country. Supermarket, utility and gas prices are generally reasonable in most parts of the state.


If one of your concerns about moving to a new area is the availability of doctors and hospitals for good care, you can be assured that the Florida is home to many healthcare professionals who offer a variety of medical specialties for every need. Healthcare facilities in the area include Sarasota Memorial Hospital, the Complex Care Hospital at Ridgelake, Doctors Hospital of Sarasota, the Blake Medical Center, Venice Regional Medical Center and HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota.

Entertainments and Amenities

Of course, the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are a big draw for people coming to Florida. The warm waters, gentle surf and fishing opportunities make it one of the most popular entertainments. But the Sarasota area offers much more, with a lively arts community, theater, concerts, ballet and many local events. Shopping venues, both large and small, provide for the needs of the area’s residents. The Ringling Complex offers a look at the history of the circus, as well as an art gallery and tour of the 1920s home of John and Mable Ringling.

Thousands of people have moved to the Sarasota area over recent years because it offers so much in terms of lifestyle and amenities. Learn more about the Neal Communities Homes that provide comfortable residences for these new arrivals.