It’s November, and with Christmas fast approaching household chefs all over the world are preparing themselves for this year’s cooking marathon. With food preparation sometimes taking days, the fridge is one of the hallowed tools in the kitchen come the festive season.

(NJ) The Big Chill -- Best Fridges for the Festive Season

But not all fridges are made equal, for those of you who dread the task of defrosting, or hear the loud humming of a freezer on its last legs, or simply hate the annual engineering task that comes with trying to fit three weeks of food in a fridge-freezer that is the size of a small filing cabinet, here are some of our festive selections to ease any Christmas gripe:

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  • If you’d rather be stuffing a turkey with filling instead of stuffing it into a tiny fridge cabinet, the Hotpoint FF4UDX Fridge-Freezer is the ticket. Boasting an impressive 312 lt of space in the fridge and an additional 110 lt in the freezer, there’s enough room in this fridge-freezer for you keep two turkeys… and the stuffing.
  • For the energy conscious, the Samsung RB29FWJNDSA has an A+ energy rating which means it will be a little easier to justify decorating your house from roof to doorstop in fairy lights if you know that your fridge-freezer will be saving you money on your energy bill. The Samsung also comes with a handy two year guarantee included, ensuring that next year’s Christmas leftovers are as good as this year’s.
  • If the Christmas budget is on your mind, the Essentials C50BS14 Fridge-Freezer is an affordable option and comes in a smart silver or a snowy white, the Essentials model will make a nice addition this Christmas.
  • American-Style fridge freezers are the Cadillac of refrigeration systems, usually boasting both space, style and top of the range features. Prices will run higher than the standard one-door models. The Kenwood KFF2DS14 American-Style Fridge Freezer offers particularly good pound to litre value.

So there is our festive fridge-freezers list, with plenty of room in each for a lavish Christmas dinner. The only thing you’ll have to worry about this Christmas is whether you can manage to fit all that food in your stomach. Merry Christmas!