YouTube are rolling out a new look for our Channels. Which means if you had a custom background design done, when you change over to the new design, (optional right now) your old background art is gone. You will eventually need to upload a new design when the new channel is rolled out compulsorily to all. The new Channel Art design (as YouTube term it) should be created so that it looks good on all sorts of devices, phones, tablets and PC’s. The picture below from the downloadable template YouTube have provided shows the layout on different devices. The middle part being the most visible part on all devices.

When you log into YouTube you will see this blue banner across the top of your channel. To activate the new look, just follow the instructions. I wouldn’t advise doing this until you have a new banner though. Contact me if you need a new one designed, I have a service to do this.


The size has to be 2120 X 1192 px image


Essentially you now have less room to promote your business, particularly if your channel is being viewed on a PC.
I’m presently re-designing mine, will post it here when done!
Keep in mind that most viewers of your video’s will only watch them either full screen on their phone, and on a standard YouTube page, not on your Channel. If on PC they have to actually navigate to your channel to see the design. Your YouTube content, keywords and links are still the most important part of getting your video’s seen! Don’t forget to use the annotation facilities to put in links and subscribe prompts!

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Here is more information on the Art Work Specs.