In the year 2014, we have seen huge variety of smartphones range including smart gadgets as well as various other revelations. Each and every smartphone manufacturer has tried hard to tempt the customers towards them by offering those impressive looking gadgets with high camera quality as well as affordable prices and much more. Numerous smart gadgets have debuted this year with new concepts and features which even attracted the tech lovers a lot.

Undoubtedly, this year started with a bang with flexible smartphones, wearable gadgets and much more and which we got to see the leading companies competing with new starters. So, with numerous developments and innovations this year what would you basically expect from tech market in 2015? It’s almost the end of 2014 and the manufacturers have already started catching up with the pace of their competitors for the race in tech market 2015.

We already heard about transparent phones, concept phones, curved and flexible smartphones and much more but now people are eagerly waiting for eye-feasting technology and designs. Here we have managed to take a glimpse through the design, technology, features and much more of the future phones.

The year 2015 will see arrival of massively rumoured smartphone and smart gadgets. There has been much iteration about Windows Phone 9 which will be coming to market in the mid-2015 and its preview will land over in quarter 2 or 3 of next year. The Google-based Project ARA has been in the news since past few months which is basically a modular phone by Google. This phone will help the users in changing the device components according to the desired parts.

It is being rumoured that Samsung will launch the first-ever transparent phone in the tech market next year as well as will unveil Samsung Galaxy S6 with 5.5 inches touch screen. The tech market will see the Ostendo Technology in the smartphones which are developing the hologram projectors for the same. Furthermore, Google is planning to come up with Android Silver i.e. its premium smartphones with affordable price tag.

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With a unique mystery feature, LG will unveil their G Flex 2 which seems to revolutionise the tech market and will hit in the first quarter of 2015. Previously, this year LG launched their flexible smartphones and managed to collect accolades for their unique achievement too but with LG G Flex 2, users need to wait sometime more to know about the growing technology.