New Javascript ~ Automatically Redirect A Blogger Blog To Another URL
There are a number of reasons you may want to automatically send visitors to your blog to another URL or from one blog to another.For example if you moved your blog, if you had two blogs and wanted to focus one just one and cover both topics.Automatically directing visitors to another URL is actually quiet easy and only requires a snippet of code added to the top of the template.In this post i will show you the code needed to automatically Redirect from a Blogger Blog to any other URL.

How To Redirect A Blogger Blog To Another URL?

  1. Click on “Generator” button below, then you will be taken to the generator page.
  2. Replace  With The URL You Want To Forward To.
  3. Click on “Generate” button
  4. Copy and paste generated code after <head> in your blogs HTML
  5. Finally save your template and you have done !! :)