ASUS India is surprising everyone, especially the bloggers and the journalists with a number locked box inscribed with a message “To be opened on 23rd May 2016”. What will be your reaction after received such a suspicious box? Oh! Not a dangerously suspicious box, but a surprisingly suspicious one. This mystery will only be unveiled on 23rd May, so, unfortunately, we have to wait for that day.


No instructions or information is mentioned about box unlocking, but yes, of course, we can guess. It can be a new ZenFone or any Asus accessory or a ZenPad. As per the size of the box, I can say that it is a new ZenFone which will be unveiled on 23rd May. Yes, guys, I too received a surprise gift from Asus India today, but like others, I too don’t have permission to open the box.

There are numerous people out there updating the status on their social media profiles about this ‘Mystery Box’, but no one knows what is inside the box. The surprise will only be unveiled sharp at 12:30 PM on 23rd May 2016. So, don’t forget to catch up the ASUS India Live launch event. The number lock is easy to guess or even we can open the box easily, but I personally don’t want to spoil the surprise.

The ASUS India mystery box is even inscribed with a product page URL, but there is no such information regarding the product. The page only displays the date and time for the product launch. It might be possible that our guesses would be right and we will see a new ASUS ZenPad or a ZenFone or some accessory. Do you think it would be something else? Which new product ASUS is launching now?

Does these questions are popping up into your mind as well? Can you make any guesses? Or you all are confused like those who received this Mystery Box? Personally, I was surprised when I received this box, disheartened a little because I am not permitted to open the box and with the passing of every single minute, this surprise, this mystery box is filling me up with more excitement.


All we can do is just wait for the final day, 23rd Day and check out what ASUS has stored in for us. Meanwhile, stay tuned with us for more updates about the upcoming products.