Mobile technologies present a wide range of features for sales apps in particular.But with all this diversity it’s hard to decide on the functionality and create an app that will suit your specific business needs. As a mobile app development company, ScienceSoft offers a short overview of major features according to specific app types.


Product catalogues

In contrast to their PDF predecessors, app-based product catalogue scan have lots of advantages, the biggest one being easy maintenance. If your company frequently launches new products and changes prices and product descriptions, then regular reissuing of the catalogue and ensuring that all the employees download the latest version gives your entire staff a bad time.

With an app-based catalogue, it takes only a couple of clicks to add a new item or fix existing data, and all the changes are synchronized with the app back end automatically. The moment employees open the app they see a notification about a newly listed item or a changed price and are already using an updated catalogue.

A basic word search in PDFs can be substituted with a parameter based search in applications. With detailed criteria such as price limits or certain product material search results are more relevant and precise.

Besides, all the items in the application can be sorted by categories. If, for instance, your company sells many different types of products, it will definitely be inconvenient to scroll through a PDF file to find a necessary category. By choosing to display only certain product categories,sales representatives will create the exact catalogue view they need.

Configuration tools

In case your products are usually sold in sets (think furniture or household appliances)or comprise a complex system (think air conditioners, data center hardware or medical equipment),your sales force naturally won’t be able to take them to the customer’s premises to show how it all works or looks together. Yet a sales representative can make use of a mobile configurator and assemble the parts virtually by dragging the items on their tablet screen.

The app will help them not only tailor the order to the customer’s liking, but also instantly find out the price for the chosen configuration. What’s more,by modelling the product right in front of a client in the app, your employee shorten the time of closing a deal from 2-3 days of negotiations to 20-30 minutes of one personal meeting.

Forms and questionnaires

Paperwork shouldn’t belong to the field, so if the field force in your company still heavily uses documentation, then transitioning to electronic versions of documents is a necessary step. Your sales force could make use of automated forms to fill in B2C contracts and B2C/B2B targeted question nairesto collect feedback and conduct polls.

With everything done digitally from the start, your employees won’t need to scan or re-input anything in the office.Moreover, a questionnaire app can be able to analyze the gathered data and calculate the results, sparing them a whole lot of additional work.

Finishing up

As you can see, by using an app with relevant functionality, sales representatives will be able to automate their routine tasks, boost many processes and advance the workflow of both big and small businesses.If you have any questions about the features described above, feel free to contact us.