As much as it is important to record video footage that looks good, it is often just as important (or more so) to be able to edit it, tidy it up, and make it look great. That is why video editing is so widely used, for both personal as well as professional purposes.

While you may have absolutely no experience editing videos, it needn’t be as difficult as you probably imagine it to be. Frankly speaking with the right video editor you could get the hang of it in no time – which is where Movavi Video Editor will prove useful.

Due to its short learning curve, won’t take you long to master the features in Movavi Video Editor. It has a clean and well-organized user interface that will make it easy to find the tools you need and apply them to your videos. In fact in many cases all you need to do is perform common actions such as dragging and dropping elements into place, adjusting sliders, ticking checkboxes, and so on.

As much as its design is focused on making Movavi Video Editor as user-friendly as possible, it is still a potent video editor at heart. Within its features you’ll find the tools you need to edit your video in numerous different ways, including:

  • Cutting videos into segments and trimming out any unnecessary parts.
  • Merging video clips together and arranging the sequence in which they appear.
  • Enhancing the video quality either manually or automatically, and fixing common problems such as blurry or shaky video segments.
  • Applying a variety of special effects and filters to transform the visual style and atmosphere of the video.
  • Inserting text that can be customized and animated to create unique-looking titles, subtitles, captions or watermarks.
  • Adding audio tracks containing a voiceover or background music and adjusting the audio levels of each track.
  • Editing audio tracks directly to normalize quiet audio, apply special audio effects, or remove unwanted background noise.
  • Placing animated transitions between scenes so that the video flows more smoothly from one scene to the next.
  • Optimizing videos for specific devices and platforms by using the built-in presets to automatically adjust the video format and settings.

Because of how comprehensive the selection of features are in Movavi Video Editor, you should have no trouble finding exactly what you need to edit your video and make it look the way that you want it to. Although some of these features may sound advanced, they make use of the same intuitive approach that is present throughout the software and so you should have no problem putting them to work.

To sum it up if you want a video editing software that is versatile and comprehensive, and yet easy to master – Movavi Video Editor will fit the bill perfectly. Once you give it a try you’ll be able to see for yourself just how simple and straightforward it is to edit videos with it, and odds are you won’t look back from that point onwards.