The country of India is certainly mesmerizing with its beauty and also a place to visit for everyone. From the Queens of Hills to the breeze of the sea, there are indeed a lot of places to visit in the country and to get you amazed. Well, if you love to trek around and wish to explore the Incredible India with your motorbike, here are 15 Best Motorcycle Tours in India which you must visit in your life.


1. Amazing Trips from Delhi to Leh

Considered to be one of the most adventurous, Motorcycle tours in Himalaya, almost every biker in the country would love to have a trip from Delhi to Leh. The trip might take about 13-14 days to get completed, but you shall certainly love the beautiful atmosphere around. You might experience the wonderful views from Manali, Chandigarh and even to Leh.

2. Redefining North East India

If you are certainly looking for an adventurous bike trip in India, then certainly Redefining North East India is one place you would die to visit. With the hilly and rocky passes along with the covered mountains and the dense green forests can make it fall in love with anyone. The adventures of swinging bridges, the snow covered paths and also the Indo-China Border will give you Goosebumps. The trip usually takes 15-17 days to get completed.

3. Riding through Mount Everest

How would you love if you could get a chance to get a bike trip around Mount Everest? Any Mountain Biker might just fall in love with this trip. The narrow and curvy roads from Darjeeling to the capital of Nepal would indeed make every biker feel awesome. The entire journey is filled with narrow and sharp turns. It might take almost 7-10 days to get the trip completed.

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4. Manali to Leh to Srinagar

Probably said to be is one of the most popular biking tours in the country of India, the Bike Trip from Manali via Leh to Srinagar is definitely a must visit for every motorbike enthusiast. From the uneven rocky passes to the highest motorable pass in the world, the trip definitely offers a lot of beautiful views and landscapes to view. The trip almost takes 17-20 days to get completed.

5. A Fantasy Trip from Manali to Ladakh

If you wish to have a trip around the historic and sacred places of Manali and also experience the cold, snowy mountains in Ladakh, then definitely A Fantasy Trip from Manali to Ladakh is what you are looking for. The trip marches towards the zigzag hilly passes and also the altitude at which every biker travel. It is certainly thrilling to visit here.

6. Riding to God’s land Kerala

The state of Kerala which is known to be as God’s own country because of the wonderful beaches, lighthouses and even the mesmerizing greenery. From the beautiful beaches to all the wide variety of wildlife, bikers would enjoy a lot for a trip to Kerala. The journey extends towards Ooty which is another hill station in the south and would end in Cochin. It might take upto 8-10 days to complete the trip.

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7. Mesmerizing Karnataka

The motorcycle tour inside the country of India is never complete without the Mesmerizing Karnataka. From exploring the historic ruins of Hampi to the wonderful collaboration of the Western Ghats, the motorcycle tours to the South India are indeed awesome for any bike lover. There are also a lot of other things which you might enjoy alongside biking, rafting or even enjoying the coast.

8. Ladakh Bike Trip: Manali-Leh-Srinagar

Experiencing the chilly lake water and also the icy frost weather, the Ladakh Bike Trip from Manali-Leh-Srinagar is indeed a wonderful experience for everyone. Riding on your way to the route of Kargil will certainly bring you into thoughts that will please you a lot. From the Zanskar Valley to the motorcycle expedition, you can head toward the Buddhist Kingdom of Ladakh. The trip can almost last about 11-14 days.

9. Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh

The Bike Trip to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh takes about ten days to get completed. The scenes from the exotic valleys of Manali and the hot springs of Vashisht can definitely give everyone a pleasant surprise. The trip might take around ten days which might lead you to the arrival of the Saharan. You can have your way back to Manali from the region of Kaza.

10. Grand South Indian Coast

A trip to the southernmost point of India, Rameswaram is indeed one of the most beautiful things that you might love to travel with. You can opt out for a trip on Entering the Grand South Indian Coast. The route generally consists of different places such as Chennai, Pondicherry and even different things which will give you. From the route of Mumbai to Chennai, you might definitely wish to get a trip here.

11. The Party Starts at Goa

Biking in Goa and also the parts of South India is indeed one of the most exclusive places which you would love to get. The trip promises around to be adventurous of the mountains and also coastal biking. The trip generally starts out to be lovely and also vibrant beaches of Goa. The Goa to Hampi Tour takes about ten days to get completed, and it is certainly exceptional to have a visit.

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12. Delhi to Mandawa

If you are certainly looking for a historic trip around the country, the choice of Delhi to Mandawa is certainly filled with adventures. Biking around the Taj Mahal, Jaipur and also different places of the country is certainly exciting and also historical. The trip might take around 6-7 days to get completed by covering some parts of Rajasthan.

13. Heritage Wheels in Rajasthan

If you love a trip to the desert of the Western Rajasthan, then you must love for a trip and Heritage Wheels in Rajasthan. Driving through the lands of Maharajas of India, the culture of Rajasthan will certainly give you one of the best reasons to celebrate and also will give you a great result to go for.

14. Entering the Land of Rajputs

Entering the Land of Rajputs might just be one of the best experiences that anyone could eventually love to bring on. Ofcourse with the wild desert safari, there are many more things which might make you wonder into the land of the deserts. A trip around here would be certainly for 10-12 days covering the entire state of Rajasthan.

15. Delhi to Ranthambore

If you love the adventure of wildlife along with the mesmerizing beauty of the sun, the trips from Delhi to Ranthambore is definitely a great choice to go for. From experiencing the trips of Arabian Nights, the Delhi to Ranthambore trip will certainly engage a lot of Bikers around.

There are indeed a lot more places where you might wish to visit, but certainly, a choice of 15 Best Motorcycle Tours in India will mesmerize you a lot.

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