This is another outstanding widget for many of the bloggers just like me, helping in every aspect like of getting much of the readers attractions towards your posts and the blog. And they try connecting with us and solve any query related to our posts or blog by commenting on our posts, and return to this we comment back accordingly. This not only solve the query of the readers but also attracts many more readers towards our posts which in return comments on our posts which gradually increase the number of comments and makes the post as most commented, and here comes the role of this widget which tells us about the posts which are most commented. In other words this widget help us to find out which posts from us got the most comments from the readers or the visitors. It gives the reason of your readers a reason to stay on your blog.

And you don’t need to get into any trouble or any kind of complications to get this widget installed, just you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps of adding a javaScript code to your blog side bar.

How to add this widget to blogger?

1) Go to blogger—>Layout—>Add a gadget
2) Choose HTML/Javascript from the list
3) Paste the below code into it

<script language='JavaScript'>
aBold = false;
home_page = "";
<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

4) Change YOUR-BLOG-URL with your blog url.
5) Save Gadget

Customization :

1. MDnumbposts is the number of posts you got.
2. MDmaxsshowresult is the maximum result that will be shown.
Change this accordingly.