Some gadgets have advanced so much recently that it is fun to compare them with what people used years ago. One such example is that of the home burglar alarm – check the likes of for further information). We might take for granted the technology used in these devices but if we look at them beside the very first models we can see how far they have advanced.

The False Alarm Rate

False alarms are something which have been inherent in home security systems since the very first ones. Thoughtless cats, gusts of wind and mechanical failure are among some of the reasons why these devices often used to wake startled homeowners in the middle of the night when there was no real threat. The elimination of false alarms has been so steady over the last few years that many people haven’t even noticed that they are now almost non-existent with many systems.

A big reason for this is that there are now different ways of effectively checking whether the alarm was set off by a thief or by something else. An efficient way of doing this is with cross zoning, in which two different sensors in the same or adjoining zones need to be triggered in order to activate the alarm. Enhanced call verification and video verification are additional measures which let the alarm company be sure that the alarm is real, and these are measures which simply weren’t available in the past.

The Remote Monitoring

Another very useful advance is the fact that we can now monitor our home remotely. You can be sure that this sounded like an impossible dream to people even a few decades ago, when leaving the property to go on holiday meant coming home with your heart in your mouth. Nowadays you can use something like the mobile apps from ADT to see the current status of your alarm wherever you are.

No Phone Lines Required

We all know that the bad guys in the movies used to cut the phone lines to disable alarms. Well, Hollywood script writers are going to have to come up with a new cliché. The fact that wireless alarms are now so easily available means that the condition the phone line doesn’t matter. It was back in the last 19th century when the first electronic burglar alarms were linked to phone lines in Boston and then New York so it was about time this link was broken.

The Additional Gadgets

There are now many home security gadgets which can keep your home safer. These range from webcam apps for seeing your home from far away to little devices which produce exactly the same sort of light as a switched on television. The truth is that we now have a lot of security options which were never available in the past and it would seem foolish not to take advantage of them to make us feel safer than ever before.