MoboRobo is the freeware and it is the management software, where you can connect your Smartphone with your PC. This software works well with the Windows Xp and Windows 7, and works normally on the other previous versions of the Windows. You have to connect the USB cables if you are using Wi-Fi or connecting your Smartphones with the PC. If you would like to connect your device to the PC through Wi-Fi then you have to install MoboDaemon which is also free of cost. This freeware allows you to transfer the contacts and manage apps directly through Pv. You can also use the USB drivers to connect your device with other USBs.

moborobo-feature-imageYou can consider this freeware as the App which is the best Android Management from your PC or desktop. This app is the all rounder Smartphone PC manager which helps you out to backup or restore any data, also you can send the messages and share contacts through your PC and also you can transfer the data between the Android and iPhone. MoboRobo offers you a variety of games, themes, apps, and other stuffs to download on your desktop. You can consider this freeware as similar to the Google Play but this software works offline also. You can download the variety of games and themes offline directly on your desktop. It is like the Desktop management software which allows you to install new applications offline on your PC.

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MoboRobo is declared as the first PC suite for the Android platform. The features don’t limit upto the install of the new applications, you can manage your applications on your device. You can install the various customization software. This app is completely free of cost and works similar to the Google Play Store.

This PC manager has the easy to use interface where you can manage and use this software easily without even knowing about the technical things. You can install this app as it just takes 19 MB of your data and it comes with the driver installations. You will face the difficulties when it comes to update the drivers automatically and this issue is faced mostly in the Smartphones and the tablets. For these kind of devices MoboRobo allows you to install the drivers automatically and you don’t have to look outside market for the drivers. This app works for both Wi-Fi and USB.

moborobo screenshot from PC

MoboDaemon is downloaded automatically when you download MoboRobo, which has the bar code scanner system and helps you out to download the apps from the MoboRobo App Store. You just have to connect your device to the PC with the USB and it will identify your device automatically by just debugging the USB. It also synchronizes your data to keep the backup of your data.


MoboRobo has the variety of features. Let’s discuss it in detail:


Download Apps
You can download the apps for free from the MoboRobo app. As, it comes with the inbuilt downloader which helps you out to install the various games, themes, and other stuffs. It just saves your data and helps you out to fetch the apps for free.


Contacts Transfer
MoboRobo is the first freeware that helps you to transfer the data between Android and iPhone. This is the important feature as it forms the interface between both the phones and allows the people to switch between their phones easily.


File Management
It helps you to manage your multi-media files easily as it has the various tabs where you can switch between the tabs to manage your files. It has the drag and drop feature where you can switch between any files.


Secure Data
MoboRobo helps you out to restore your data easily and you can have the backup of the important data from your Android or iPhone. It just not allows you restore or backup the data, but also the restoration is possible of messages, call logs, etc.


You can send messages to your friends through your PC using this app. No matter you are sending messages to the group or individuals. You can send the messages in a quick way.


  • You don’t have to root your phone.
  • You can have access to the files and other media files under one roof.
  • You can send the messages and reply them back through a PC.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Free to download.
  • It works as the cache system which will consume less data and will have faster access to the files.


  • Installation of drivers takes time.
  • You must install iTunes
  • This app is not available for MAC

Wrapping Up

MoboRobo is the first Android PC suit manager and it has much benefit. You can do everything and keep backups of the important stuffs. This is the best app for the Android and iPhone users.

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