As Android has spread as one of the largest market in the world then it and in that Google Play there are thousands of applications. There are many alternatives of Google Play are available but who is the best for us that is quite difficult to say. But now no need to worry about it because MoboMarket is a new way of getting the apps for Android.

MoboMarket 3.0 Version Released

MoboMarket is an app store for Android devices. The main advantage of this store is that it is a third party store so it doesn’t require any permission like payment and permission options. It is in the store from last two years and more than 100 million users have already used it worldwide. There are 40 million of distribution and 5 million daily active users of MoboMarket.

MoboMarket has released its latest version 3.0 with many new features for making it more reliable to the users. Let’s see what changes they have made:

  • The new version has come with improved Geo-location & content pushing system that helps Android users discover the most popular Apps nearby based on location.
  • MoboMarket is more intuitive and smoother interface with a new different look.
  • Search result according to the user interest & recommendation system.

Apart from these changes the app has smart installation feature which doesn’t require any details or permission for installing. For increasing the app it has RAM boosters and startup optimizers. App helps in transferring the data from the internal storage to the SD card or vice versa.

MoboMarket support all versions of android till now. Due to this functionality it is the most recommended app market for downloading the app. It is useful for both developer as well as users because if the developer post some app in the market that are featured to promote and download too. That makes interest for both the developer as well as the users.

It is very easy to get this app to your android device as either go to the market and download the .apk file or you can download from this QR code which is given here. It will be identify as an external app for your device. Then go to the Setting >Security and allow the external app installation for your device.

As per as the market is concerned than Android market is larger than the Windows and iOS because there is no any category in Google Play to download. You can download as much as amazing app as per as your interest.  But the major is that there are many few people who know about the other markets from where they can download the android’s apps. MoboMarket is one of them that offer you the new face of market in which you can download your favorite games as well as apps.

MoboMarket, a marketplace designed and developed by MoboRobo .com which is one of the leading options in Google Play store. After analyzing the several issues in the current market, MoboMarket provides this platform to the users as it hosts its own contents for users to download. MoboMarket is unavailable for download in the Play Store and requires a third party installation process. You can download the entire setup on the default website of

As mentioned earlier that it doesn’t require any signup or account sync procedures. Any user can directly download any app from it. This simple to use app thus ensures the user a free gateway without any marketing or advertising gimmicks.

MoboMarket 3.0 has come up with more accurate Geo targeting features that is more amazing than the earlier versions. It helps the users in finding all the related applications based on their geographic location. Apart from that it also helps you in finding amazing events, offers and discounts nearby and always reminds you the new app that you might miss on in the Play Store.

Moreover it has a dynamic search function that helps you find all the regional application by using specific keywords. You can even scroll through the hundred thousand of applications listed under this marketplace by simply viewing the listed categories. Today it holds an enormous data of free applications that are unavailable in the Google Play Store so without any login procedures, a user is free to use the MoboMarket marketplace. The developers have ensured that the store remains simple with all things in its place. is celebrating its 2nd anniversary by launching its brand new 3.0 version. So with all new amazing features, simple yet captivating GUI and a huge database of amazing applications, MoboMarket is one of the widely used Android stores other than the Google Play Store. So we wish MoboRobo and MoboMarket a very best luck for their future endeavors and hope these numbers keep on increasing by every passing day.

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