Google has officially released their standalone Messenger app for android users who really don’t like the Hangouts app in order to check messages. This app is available on Google Play Store for free and for all the Android devices ambling on Jelly Bean OS and above. Frankly, this Messenger app doesn’t have anything interesting as compared to other messaging apps.


Google being the world’s largest internet Search Company unveiled the default Android instant messaging app which is a boost to a standalone app. This app featured a fully improved design along with better capabilities of file sharing, blocking numbers and a lot more features. this app is already pre-loaded to Android devices running on latest OS release by Google, Android Lollipop. This app is particularly the best alternative to the Hangouts app and even works without singing-in to Gmail account.

This standalone Messenger app is loaded with common features including sending videos, pictures messages and look into conversations as well as contacts and even with blocking feature. This app is released by Google following the Material Design guidelines which gives it a circular plus button which help in starting the new thread easily and quickly.

It is a standalone Messenger app launched by Google which is a lot different from Hangouts app but works much like it. This is a perfect step forward with the Google’s announcements about instant messaging app which takes the user straight up to the text messages and IMs. In this app, users can find colorful painted messaging threads and it even allow users to send emojis if they wish too.

In particular, this Messenger app for Android devices is a new move which is basically a correction for the replacement of the Hangouts app. It is pre-loaded with various colourful new themes and allows users to change the interface accordingly. Moreover, it enhances the users experience with instant messaging without logging-in to any account and allows them to navigate through the conversations quickly and easily.

This app works only with the SIM carrier as it is not internet based like Whatsapp. It even shares its name with famous Facebook Messenger app. This app is available only for Android users as a default instant messaging app. This app distinguishes itself from other competitive apps in terms of its compatibility and even it has been developed by the company which is the in-charge of the Android operating system.

Furthermore, this standalone messaging app by Google for Android devices features a handy button which helps in placing the call to the same person with whom the user is chatting with. Users can even quickly move to Hangouts video calling via quick option available in the app. If users signed in with the app, Hangouts will automatically move all the message threads by default and will not even interfere between the texts thereafter.

source: Messenger (Android) via AndroidPolice, Engadget