There are over millions games available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, literally. How could you tell which one is worth to try and which one is waste of your money and time?

Well, MeshBean made it simple to you, the app that recommend fun high quality game to you based on your preference, automatically.

If this sounds appealing to you, here comes something even better–you get paid for playing these suggested games. This is definitely NOT something sounds too good to be true.


MeshBean may not make you a millionaire, but they could put an extra $20, or even $100 in some case in your pocket just for playing games. If you think it seems like a dream app for game lovers like yourself. Well, you are right.

Some of you may worry about if some hidden effort need to be done to earn the easy money. You don’t need to. I will explain how it works for you now.

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How Does MeshBean Works?

First of all, you need to download the app from their website ( It is pretty simple to download and install with the QR code they provided for both Android and iOS users. Then sign in with your Facebook or Google+ account on your devices. No complicated registration and verification needed. And then everything else is just as simple as the work you done so far. The app will daily recommend fun popular game for you. You will be able to earn virtual MeshBean coins first by download and play these games. When you reach the minimum redeem option, which is 5,000 coins (equal to $5 Paypal cash) you can get the money in your pocket right away or you can save the coins to redeem higher amount of reward later.

There are a lot of reward option for you to choose, such as Google Play Credits, iTunes Gift Cards, Prepaid Credit Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal cash, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, League of Legend credits and much more.

In the latest updated version of MeshBean, they add a small game called “Knocking Egg” to let you earn coins even faster. They really do what they promised to do—enjoy game and earn rewards.

Also, like many other apps do, MeshBean offer a referral program for users to get rewards by refer their friends to use the app. You can find more information regards the referral program here:

To give some final take, I would say MeshBean is the dream app for game lovers and people who want to earn some easy money from your smartphone. It is totally free and willing to give you free rewards. So why not? Try it and you won’t regret.