With so many available clothing options, one rarely needs to work hard to be fashionable. A little shopping experience with some shops across the globe introduces a fashinista with the latest trends in the fashion world.

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There are some of the essential items that every guy must own to be even more stylish, whether they have different tastes of clothing. Here, we have discussed three essential fashion items that can add spark in a man’s personality.

A textured Suit

A Textured Suit: These suits change with the change in season. These are the attire that you will put on as separates more than you will together. You have to pick any of them on the basis of season. If it is winter, think about flannels, tweeds and corduroy. On the other side, if it is summer, you must go with whipcord, seersucker and linen. If you are looking for waistcoat with it, you can make it a three piece. When you actually want to attach that additional style punch, you can put on them together as the suit.


Coat: This is very important thing in winter that should be the first we cover while selecting clothes for wardrobe. Preferably, a simple overcoat in various colors like navy, grey or camel will be a great choice. Black is good too, but it has become very common in winter season. Coat fashion is on its next level! According to latest trend, it should be a couple of inches longer than your suit jackets.

T shirt

T-Shirt: This is attire that never goes out of fashion! From a long time, tees are among the favorite clothing of men. There are various types of t-shirts for men available in market, which can be worn with our without a jacket. You can choose a latest one according to your choice.