The day of the Melbourne Cup in Australia is one of the most illustrious sports gala events of the year. It is the only sporting event that combines the thrill of racing, punting and fashion. For newcomers, they may see it as just a horse race. But it is more than a horse race. Get involved in Australia’s largest sports event. Giddy up!

Melbourne Cup Day Survival


Men: Mothers, lock up your daughters. Even though some may feel like the men may be limited in their dress attire to a suit, there will be men both young and older distinguished gentlemen that will be dressed to play. Be prepared to see men in their power jackets, polished shoes and crisply ironed shirt with the cufflinks to go. The fashion statement will be made while they have a beer and their horse racing ticket in hand.

Women: Be prepared to see ladies rock their designer wear as they dress to impress down by the trackside. Ladies will be strutting their stuff in their high heels and their spring racing fashion wear. Age is not a discriminating factor. Rather, it is for those who choose to make a bold fashion statement. Choose to wear a racing hat and select outfits that will compliment you under the warm racing sunshine. Don’t be shy to accessorise. You won’t be the only woman who is on a quest to look the best on the day.

Where to watch

Trackside: The best place to watch the race if you can get there is trackside at Flemington racecourse in Melbourne. It is the mecca where the top jockeys; racing pundits, celebrities and the wider Australian public will descend. Expect to see flamboyant crowds trackside and drinks overflowing. This is the pinnacle of festivities during the spring racing carnival.

Pub or club: Have a beer in one hand and a ticket in the other. If you don’t get the chance to be trackside, then you can get close up close and personal with the large TV screens and the festive atmosphere that the pub or club will have on offer. Start getting into the mood from early on, enjoy the thrill of the races and celebrate until the night closes in.

Office: This is one of the events of the year where employers allow their staff to enjoy a bit of free time to listen to or take part in the race’s celebrations. If the management is in a good mood, they may even turn the day into a fun themed party or business event.

Take a punt to beat the bookies.

At the end of the day, it is all about having fun by taking a punt. The seriousness of your betting activity is up to you. Just make sure to bet responsibly. To increase your winning stakes, research the historical performances of the horses in the lead up to the competition. The bookies will stack the odds in the potential winners favour. But you never know what will happen in the race until the race gets underway. Do your best to put your bets in early. Don’t leave it until last minute, otherwise you may not get your bet in on time and should your horse be victorious, you will have to deal with the ‘would have, could have, should have’ thoughts for the rest of the day. Take smart risks and bet what you can afford. Don’t go to town and lose your month’s wages, your car or your house. As we mentioned before, bet responsibly.

The day will see the height of Australian fun. Expect a day of banter, bets, drinks and spectacles with the Melbourne Cup. Have fun and enjoy the day responsibly.