Athletic teams and their cheer teams wear uniforms to set them apart from the opposition. Each team needs to know who the “enemy” is, of course.

But, there’s more to the idea of customized team apparel.

It’s a Dress Code

Writing for Psychology Today, Matthew Ortiz says, “Acquiescence is a requisite of the uniform. In this understanding, the uniform is essentially a dress code to which you agree to adhere, a schema, even if it is more cognitive than deliberate. It is understood how this schema helps us to identify who is who and what it is that they do.”

The uniform unites the players as one identity. At the same time, it differentiates the team from others. It gives the teammates a common purpose; to challenge the other uniformed group.

Comfort is the Key

Competitive team members don’t need a distraction. Even a stitching seam or a tag can annoy the wearer enough to mess with necessary concentration.

You just can’t do your best when you are uncomfortable. While competing, you have enough on your mind already. If it doesn’t fit, irritates your skin, or binds your mobility, the clothing becomes your opponent, too.

Style Raises the Bar

The competitors’ heads must be in the game. They need a clear mind to focus on the task at hand.

Even with their full focus on the game, athletes like to look good. Each team spends time to choose their look for the whole year. They want to be recognized for their skills and performance, but they also want their colors and uniform style to compliment them individually. Shirts, shorts, jackets, and warm up gear all make a big difference to them.

In their own way, they expect their image to “scare” the opposition and put them in their place. You can customize team apparel from MoveU so you can be, for example, tigers. There, they promote athletic fit with unlimited vibrant colors and customizable options to show off your team’s personality.

Practical Counts

You can look great and scare the opponent, but you need to get the use out of the uniform. You can play well, but you still want to let strangers know who you are .

On the bus or in the airport, your team stands apart in customized team apparel. Travel warm-ups, for example, are fun, comfortable, and useful.

The uniformed look helps make the team a team. It’s a sign of unity and commitment to same goals. When you’re all in the same outstanding gear, you are a force to be reckoned with; living, breathing self-confidence.

Confidence wins.

Hand-me-down sportswear, faded uniforms, and uncomfortable fit defeat the purpose of sports outfit.

One way to build a team and its confidence is to bring team members into the design process and product selection. The participation gives them the feeling of ownership and control of the uniform outcome.

You can put them in sweats, jackets, and hoodies that set them apart and make them a force to contend with.

Identifying with the best

Tom Loverro of calls this “the need to identify.” It explains why fans and schoolmates dress in apparel matching the team uniform apparel. They match the colors and spend on similar jerseys as a means to join the team and its competitive reputation.