There has been numerous reasons behind the saying that “a diamond is valuable” and it is even associated with many ideas too. But, it significantly depends on the person who is asking about the value-ability of a diamond, because the person might do believe in its beauty with makes it valuable as well as desirable. It might be possible that they do believe what is represented by a diamond, which makes it so valuable. For many people, the definition of the value-ability of a diamond takes a turn with a commercial approach along with 4 C’s, i.e. cut, clarity, carat and colour. So, in all, we have numerous ways in which we can easily interpret the diamond’s value-ability, no matter who asked.

There are many online diamond buyers, significantly known as the jewellery enthusiasts think that the beauty of a diamond makes it valuable. Women often get mesmerized by the beauty of a diamond and that beauty is not just the beauty of the diamond, but of its design as well as its setting which makes it valuable and appealing. In many cases, the value-ability of a diamond increases with its rarity or size or if it’s a coloured diamond. Coloured diamonds are more appealing to people and thus increases their value in the market, but that doesn’t mean other diamonds are less valuable.

The industry’s 4 C’s comes to the mind of people when it comes about whether a diamond is valuable or not. Maximum of the people does rely on the 4 C’s for determining the value of a diamond, no matter they have knowledge about the diamonds or not. A large carat diamond looks appealing and beautiful from a distance, but if doesn’t have got the right cut and clarity, then it is not valuable. It will have no value in front of a smaller diamond having right cut, colour and clarity as well as shines across the room. Every individual determines the value of a diamond either on its size or its shine.

However, these are the four major areas in which the value-ability of a diamond will be determined and evaluated for its assessment for insurance purposes. In terms of insurance, rather than the diamond’s actual value, more important is its replacement value. The diamond value does not depend on the looks, but how and what it represents. Diamonds are not growing on trees and some even believe that they aren’t quite as rare, but it is not so. The creation of diamonds is significantly the wonders of geology as well as the pressures deep within the Earth’s mantle and their production conditions at specific temperatures.

Moreover, the value of a diamond for a person can be easily accessed basically knowing that how they actually care for it. People who care punctiliously for their diamonds ensuring that it lasts for years, holds the maximum value, even larger than the actual dollar amount which has been paid by them. A diamond holds a lifetime memory with it because every diamond looks as if it has gone through all the hard times and much more, which makes it even more valuable.

Most of the people describe diamonds as the star fragments or like gods tears. For hundred of years, people are sloshed by the beauty and shine of a diamond. It is a rare and a simple material which is made of pure carbon as well as the hardest naturally occurring mineral. There are few ways from which we can assess the value of a diamond. But, it is even important to note that there are just few ways and not all the ways to look for the value of a diamond. Also, all the values are not specifically attached to the actual diamond, but even with what a diamond represents.

For knowing that whether the diamond is a valued property or not, first you need to know that diamond is just a shiny compressed piece of carbon and it is valuable because it is scarce because of its million years of development. The more a diamond is prettier, more is its value. For avoiding any arguments on the value-ability of a diamond, the diamond industry developed 4 C’s i.e. carat, cut, clarity and colour. Carat is the weight of the diamond, the more weight, more its worth. The colour of a diamond must be less if you want to have a more valuable diamond because colour blocks the light. Clarity makes the pure quality diamond because a perfect diamond has no flaws. We all know that a natural diamond is a rock and it doesn’t look nice as a necklace too, so it is important to have the perfect Cut for getting the most out of it.

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