Trichology is the term used for treatment of hair and scalp in issues of pattern baldness, hairlessness, itching and others. A trichologist is a specialist who helps individuals with their problems identified with hair and scalp. Similarly as one is probably going to go to a dermatologist for a skin problem, a trichologist ought to be counseled about hair problems.

What is Trichology?

Trichology actually deals with pattern baldness, as well as cure and additional requirements taken for the prevention of other hair and scalp issues like dryness, oiliness, itching and other type of problems that individuals may experience. Trichology is the field of skill as well as technology that makes one a pro, known as a trichologist. A person who finishes formal training in Trichology and is certified can hone as a Trichologist and treat the problems of the general population related to hair.


There are many individuals who have hair and scalp problems. Hair issues can be caused by many outward factors or also by some other unevenness in the body. Henceforth, this makes hair fall as a kind of indication that the body is getting affected. One can confront hair issues because of poor nourishment and additionally hereditary problems. Other than that, there may also be some different variables like anxiety or some kind of medicine that can have an effect on hair wellbeing.

For a wide range of hair problems, Trichology is the subject matter with the appropriate responses and in addition to the treatment. Through Trichology, you can find the reason of the problem and, consequently, have the capacity to show signs of improvement with the right treatment.

During a meeting, a Trichologist gets some information about the medicinal history of a person, keeping in mind the end goal to gain an insight into the state of the person and the conceivable reasons that may have caused the problem. Other than that, conference with a Trichologist also involves hair examination, in which a specimen of hair is tried infinitesimally for mineral lever and different variables.

Trichology was created for the first run through in 1902 in London. It was created to be the study of hair, contributing to the treatment of scalp illnesses. When you go to a trichologist, there are certain tests and measures that are taken to determine the condition and wellbeing of the hair, so that the correct treatment might be given.

Trichoanalysis is done with a specific end goal to check the state in which the hair and follicles of the patient are. This is done in the greater part of the cases, so that the general soundness of hair might be determined. Other than that, if there should arise an occurrence of individuals with falling hair, Tichogram is performed, in which the trichologist measures the proportion of growing hair with that of the falling hair.

The Importance of Trichology

The word Trichology is adjusted from Greek dialect meaning hair; it is an extraordinary branch of Dermatology. It is fundamentally a division of medicine that relates with the investigation of hair and scalp. Trichology can be connected in scientific investigations of hair to find suspects. The institute of Trichology was established in 1902. A trichologist is trained in the field of science and can cure the disorders identified with hair and scalp; he can analyze the reason for pattern baldness, treat scalp problems and give advices.

By consulting a trained trichologist, one can solve a great deal of problems identified with pattern baldness, itching, dryness, hair breakage, scaling of the scalp and some more. It is as imperative as going to a dermatologist for a skin problem or going to a dental practitioner for scaling of your teeth. A trichologist resembles specialist of your hair. Everyone needs to look beautiful; solid, long and shiny hair is going to increase engage in your personality. For women, taking care of hair is much more significant, and they demonstrate more interest in it. However, that does not imply that men and women ought not to care for their hair. They ought to similarly care for them.

There are many components associated with problems of hair; similar to poor sustenance is one which may make certain uneven characters in the body. There can be any restorative or hereditary problem. Stress is another reason which may prompt loss of hair.

There are some individuals who don’t offer significance to this and consider it as an unimportant territory of the body, which is a wrong approach. We should endeavor to find out the foundation of the problem and afterward actualize powerful measures to cure that. It is a touchy issue, which ought not to be overlooked. It indicates the general state of wellbeing, and a disorder may indicate a condition; if left unnoticed, it might prompt genuine ailment. Falling hair is a noticeable problem, which can influence a person to irritate. He/she may feel inferior, which can prompt certain mental problems.

By knowing the reason on the initial stage is much better than getting negative impacts from it. In many cases, a great trichologist will properly identify the reason for your problem and will treat it in the most ideal way. In doing hair examination, a trichologist will watch the hair on a minuscule level and will recommend the level of minerals required. If any basic damage is done to hair, a minute investigation will have the capacity to identify it. It will dissect the rate of pattern baldness, will help in elimination of parasite or lice and identify any hereditary influences. For minerals examination, trichologist utilizes particular labs, where comes about are very exact. The outcomes can obviously demonstrate the nourishing or therapeutic problems that are causing damage to the hair.

Authorized excellence experts that training and concentrate on skincare, cosmetics and hair evacuation are alluded to as Trichologist. A voyage towards taking up a career in this field will require you to pick the specialization you might want to limit. Your alternatives include the cosmetology side, hairdressers, and manicurists.


How to Become a Successful Trichologist?

Having hair on your head always shows your personality in everything. The styles that you make, the more attractive you look with the help of your hair. Now days, almost everyone is concerned over having good looks and a good volume of hair and thus people are ready to find out all possible ways to keep the hair good. However, irrespective of the age, there are many people in the world who suffer from hair loss problems and also scalp problems due to many reasons. Well, the first thing they do is directly consult with a Trichologist. Thus, if you are willing to be a Trichologist, here is a guide on How to Become a Successful Trichologist!

Steps to Become a Trichologist
To become a trichologist, the first thing that a person must do is to pursue a School Diploma certificate in the subject of Trichology. The course duration is of 2.5 months which is compulsory to attend.

Here are some of the topics which are offered for the students to study under Trichology:

  • Hair & Scalp Anatomy
  • Nutrition and Supplements for Healthy Hair
  • Hair Analysis with Trichoscope
  • Cosmetological Procedures with Electro Therapy
  • Investigation & Treatment of Hair & Scalp Conditions
  • Hair Volume Enhancement
  • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
  • Hair Fall Therapies
  • SCALP ANA-DETOX to improve Anagen Hair Growth

What are the qualities required for a Trichologists?

Trichologists must over cross a School diploma certificate in the field of Trichology and must also be an expert in the field. He/She must also have enough knowledge about all the symptoms and all the causes related to the disease behind it. The Trichologist must also have a proper knowledge of the diagnosis of the causes and the knowledge of the proper treatment. He/ She must also have the ability to communicate and listen patiently.

Job opportunities for Trichologists:

Trichologists may find many job opportunities both nationally as well as internationally. They can also work as a hair care Consultants in reputed Hospitals as well as diagnostic centers. After gaining a good experience from the field, a Trichologist may start up his/her own chamber of Trichology diagnosis. They can also be hired in forensic department to find the subject.

Salary of a Trichologists:

The Salary of a Trichologists completely depends on the experience as well as the placement they get. It is obvious that an experienced Salary of a Trichologist working in a Hospital shall earn a high level income while a fresher can earn from INR. 15K-20K per month!

Trichology – The Unknown Profession

The IAT administers the certification course created by the University of Southern California. The IAT was set up in 1974 and is a non-benefit association promoting the examination, research and routine with regards to hair and scalp wellbeing and malady. The International Association of Trichology also sets up models, certifies students and distributes instructive material. Qualified Trichologists will have the initials IAT after their name and are bound by a strict code of morals. They are required to maintain their insight by conducting ongoing examination, ponder and to go to meetings.

A conference with a Trichologist will begin with a top to bottom poll. This will make inquiries about your restorative history, family history, and nourishment and lifestyle decisions. The Trichologist will physically examine your hair and scalp and may take tests. These specimens will be examined under a magnifying instrument or sent away for a mineral examination.

The tiny examination can determine:

  • If the rate of pattern baldness is over the top.
  • If there is inflammation and redness around the follicles.
  • Recognize if there is new hair development.
  • Examine any basic damage to the hair shaft.
  • Determine the nearness of inherited hair conditions.
  • If head lice or a contagious infection is available.

Once a reason has been set up, a treatment design will be recommended. It should be noticed that because of our individuality, comes about because of medications will differ from patient to understanding and a multi treatment approach is the best. Medications should be entirely clung to for no less than 3-6 months before assessing the achievement of the treatment. As hair development is a moderate procedure, photographs will be taken to record the adjustments in your hair or potentially scalp as treatment advances. In some cases you might be eluded onto your family specialist or a dermatologist for facilitate treatment or potentially blood tests.

Trichologist have an uncommon interest in sustenance and its part in hair and scalp conditions. They also pay a nearby detail to the endocrine, insusceptible, apprehensive, and circulatory and stomach related systems, as these all play a part in the strength of your hair and scalp.

Trichologists work intimately with GPs and Dermatologists to help analyze the reason. To resolve pattern baldness, a right determination is required. Just qualified Trichologists and Dermatologists can determine the right conclusion and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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