uminate is an unique platform which provide advertisements on your images.The company was launched in 2009. In the initial stage it shows shopping information of products where the publisher get sale commission when reader buys the product through his advertisement. The publisher has the freedom to select the product which has to be displayed in the images of his blog. But later Luminate introduce PPC adsense to images. This is supported by Google. So through Luminate bloggers can display adsense similar to Google adsense on the images. The Luminate ads will looks similar to the image below. The first one displays Google ads and second one displays the product.

Luminate ads will also display some application at he foot of the image. It contains Facebook app, Twitter app, Bing image search, Blekko search and many other. Another interesting thing is that Luminate does not have any limitation in displaying ads. If your page contains 10 images, Luminate will display ads in all these images. Luminate ads will be displayed when the reader hovers the image.

Payment procedure for Luminate

Luminate will pay you when your account reaches $10. Payment is made through Paypal and standard bank draft. But unlike other advertisement companies Luminate will not combine the earning of different websites. If you have two registered blogs ‘A’ and ‘B’ in Luminate account and in a particular month ‘A’ have an earning of $8, and ‘B’ have an earning of $9 then Luminate will not pay you in that month. You will get payment for ‘A’ when it reaches $10 and you will get payment for blog ‘B’ when it reaches $10. So Luminate will consider different blogs has different accounts.

Can I use Google adsense along with Luminate and is their any limit of ad units?

Google adsense will allows only 3 ad unit per page. Since Luminate is also providing adsense from Luminate, most readers have doubt about maximum ad units. Since Luminate is a separate network Google don’t count the ad units of Luminate. In short you don’t have to remove your old ad units of Google adsense to introduce Luminate.