Are you an aspiring YouTuber? Do you have a YouTube channel of your own? Well! Then you must know that you can earn money on YouTube. Yes! Sounds crazy right? YouTube is a very popular online video portal and with your creativity, you can surely earn money now. You may hear many people telling you about earning huge with YouTube, however, you should now trust them. There are several ways by means of which you can earn good amount of money with your hard work and creativity. Here is an article for you where you can learn some tips and tricks and ways to make money on YouTube.

Surprisingly, YouTube has nearly a number of one billion users and approximately 300 videos get uploaded there on the daily basis that too in every minute. YouTube is localized to almost 75 counties and 61 languages. Now it is your turn to imagine how much you can earn from YouTube just by advertising!


What is Google AdSense?

Now before you start with anything, you must know a brief detailing about AdSense. What is Google AdSense? Well! It is basically a free service that offers you to monetize your videos on YouTube channel. This is a platform where Google uses relevant advertisement in different forms such as texts, images, video or any kind of interactive media that matches with your uploaded video or YouTube channel.

Previously, it was a hassle to earn money on YouTube as with the old school advertisement model, you need to look out for companies or brands that want to collaborate with you or want to promote their products or services online. This usually takes a lot of time to select and pick the perfect brand or company that will satisfy your requirements and also you had to then insert the ad codes while editing your videos. Quite a hectic job it was then, thankfully now with Google AdSense, you can earn enough money with almost no hassle.

How to Make Google AdSense Work for YouTube?

How does a Google AdSense work for YouTube is a big question? Well! In the case of Google AdSense, you will be paid a specific amount when a viewer clicks on the ad on your YouTube channel or on one of your videos. Advertisers bid on the video ad space that you put into the ad monetization option. However, the highest bidder will get their advertisement shown in the videos of your channel or other YouTuber’s channel.

While a viewer clicks on the video ad, the company providing the ads will be charged and you will get a share percentage of the money paid to Google AdSense.

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What Should You Avoid While Using Google AdSense?

Are you looking to monetize your videos on YouTube? If yes, then you need to know that there are certain things which you should avoid while using Google AdSense.

The first and the foremost thing that you should avoid is to click on the ads. Yes! If you don’t want to get blocked by Google, try to avoid clicking on your own ads. Google is smart enough to determine that you are acting fraudulently. However, once caught, you will be then banned from accessing your AdSense account.

The next thing is to avoid telling your friends and family member to click on the ads. Yes! This will do no good to the advertisers and yet they have to pay you which is against the rules. It may make you fall in trouble and your channel may get banned. Why? Well! If you ask someone who is not interested in the products yet they will click the ads for you will do no harm to them but will harm the advertisers.

Don’t try to use bots as it is completely against the law and will surely get your YouTube channel band. In order to gain viewers, you should simply do things normally such as sharing your videos on all your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc. Your focus should be on earning more viewers rather than manipulating it. You will surely earn more money as you will grow gradually.

What are the Other Ways to Make Money On YouTube?

There are other ways apart from the Google AdSense to make money on YouTube. Yes! If you want to earn more money, then there are two other ways by which you can earn money via YouTube channel.

#1. Affiliate Marketing:

If you are looking for the best internet marketing strategy, then affiliate marketing is what you should look for. A huge number of business owners takes the help of affiliate marketers to grow their brand. YouTube is a huge platform to advertise by the affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing helps you earn huge money quickly. You will get paid on the number of views or clicks on the advertisement.

#2. YouTube Advertising:

YouTube is the world’s most popular videos channel that is free. Yes! YouTube videos are watched by billions of times in a day from all around the globe. The channel will publish viewers clicks on ads and business advertising as well. The merchant then pays a stipulated amount on every click. However, YouTube shares the several percentages to the video owner.

#3. YouTube Partner:

There are millions of channels that are earning huge by becoming a YouTube Partner Program. Once your channel becomes a partner with YouTube, the revenue will increase within a short time span. However, you need to create good quality videos that attract the viewers. This also helps in the growth of the channel’s brand name. Once you get a certain number of valuable viewers, you can become a YouTube Partner.

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Tips for Making Money on YouTube:

Well! After all, these, what you want to have is to earn good amount of money from your YouTube channel. However, here are some of the basic yet important tips for making money on YouTube.

  • At first, you need to create a YouTube channel using your personal identification. Now the next thing is to select a niche or category that you feel you are comfortable with.
  • Once, you are ready with your YouTube channel, you should now upload unique and good quality video contents almost at an interval of 1 or 2 days and if you can be regular with uploading your videos, then that is even a plus point. Remember to put the top or most searched keywords relevant to your content as this will make your YouTube channel more visible to the audience.
  • Now once you have enough good quality videos, you can now apply for the Google AdSense in order to link it with your YouTube channel. They will approve the request only when you achieve a certain number of subscribers and have a certain number of views as well.
  • To have enough subscribers and to make people stay connected with you, you need to share all your videos on your social media profiles. Follow certain basic rules and maintain the normal standard to catch the attention of people and gain number of viewers.
  • Don’t forget to share your channel content with your friends and family. Ensure to visit your YouTube channel almost every day and keep a track of what is going and how is the progress etc. Frequent uploading of videos will ensure mass audience attraction.
  • With the increase in the number of viewers on your channel, your income will automatically start increasing like any other YouTube channel.


YouTube is a huge platform to share video contents with the world. If people are telling that you can earn heavy via YouTube, then it is time for you to believe them. Yes! With the Google AdSense, you can now make huge money on YouTube. So what are you waiting for? Create good quality videos and make your videos stand out to gain more viewers and in this way you can earn huge. Happy YouTubing!