Smart home solutions have slowly made their way into the world of technology. Although it’s not as dominating as the mobile or tablet business, there is a formidable demand for them.

Products from Belkin and Nest Labs have been around for a while, and the big names like Samsung, Apple and Google have come up with their versions of home automation. Still, most people prefer controlling all their appliances manually and do not want to spend money on the aforementioned products.

Leaf Technologies, a Mumbai based company, has raised the bar by entering the market of home automation with a unique creation: Air. But where does it stand with respect to other products? And can it change people’s minds when it comes to home automation? Let’s find out.

Air promises two things – a smarter home and more time for you- by gradually taking control of your appliances by learning your movements. In short, Air will take care of tasks like setting the temperature of the air conditioner to your liking without you having to do it, and hence saving your time. The device performs well under passive control, putting its motion, humidity, brightness and temperature sensors to good use. The transition of active to passive control takes about 21 days, and after that you won’t have to touch most of your appliances.

How it works?

First appearances would deceive most people, as the product looks minimalistic compared to other home automation products. The small, curved, pentagonal shaped device undoubtedly gives the impression of being ‘cute’. Inside are present the various sensors that enable Air to work efficiently. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for its working, and also has an IR control for universal access. The surface of the device is a three dimensional capacitive touch, with features like One Touch and Magic Touch that give a faster control over your appliances. It’s good to see that Leaf Technologies has paid such close attention to the aesthetics, and the Maple and Rosewood options for the touch panel is a welcome bonus.

The simplicity in design and use hides the complex internal working. Air connects to each appliance via modules that are fitted in the switchboard. Bluetooth LE is used as the mode of connectivity between the two.

The mobile application (Both android and iOS) is very easy to use, and the detailing is truly amazing. The app not only lets you control everything at home, but also gives you information like humidity levels and last seen human activity. This truly intelligent device automatically tightens up security when the user leaves the apartment, and notifies the user if there is any intrusion. Electricity bills clearly get lower after using Air, as unwanted appliances are switched off, even if the user is not at home.

The verdict – At under INR 25,000, Air is a sweet deal when compared to other home automation products.With free installation and shipping, it’s smarter than most devices out there, and is clearly the complete package for making your home smart. But what’s more important is that this device does give you those few extra minutes you want to spend with your family. And if you think about it, Air is really worth the try.