If you are aware of the methods on how to make a girl smile over text, then it is an advantage for you to make your girl think positive about you. And do you know that the more she will think of you, the more she will be eager to meet you? There are numerous guys who want to know how to make a girl smile over text and if you are the one, then you landed on the right page. It is really easy to make the girl interested in you over the text itself. One of the most important advice while texting a girl is to have fun. Just keep the texts lighthearted and playful. So, if you really want to make a girl interested in you, then just get through this article today on how to make a girl smile over text.

girl smiling at phone

You people might be thinking that what made me write this article. So, before moving forward let me tell you in brief why I have written this article for you all. Recently, I received a query from my regular visitor who asked me about the things which he can text to a girl he likes to make her laugh over the message. If you can easily spark the emotions of the girl over the text, then you can easily catch her attention as well. Now, it’s time to turn our heads over with some tips on how to make a girl smile over text.

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Using Memes

You can send memes to the girl over the text as they help in keeping the mood playful and light. It is one of the best ways for making a girl smile over text because memes comprise pictures and often convey your messages in a perfect way with more humor and punch as compared to any ordinary message. The best thing about the memes is that you can send anytime to the girl to brighten up her day. It will be a sudden surprise for her which can make her interested in you and think about you in a good way.

Tease Her, Praise Her

If you are texting a girl, then don’t be afraid to poke fun because it will don’t suck-up your conversation rather it will make her laugh. Teasing her will show that you are confident enough to talk to a woman comfortably and thus, will help you in building attraction. Praising a girl over text will make her smile and is one of the most effective ways to make her interested in you. You just need to find everything about her which she likes and just praise her.

Indulge in Role-Play

Girls really much like to be imaginative while indulging in role-play as it helps in creating an attraction by putting her in the middle of an interesting and fun adventure. Though this adventure is not a real one, yet it will make her feel comfortable and close to you. If you will start creating attraction with the girl via role-playing, then she might get attracted towards you. In the meanwhile, the girl will also like the positive emotions which you have generated within her. Just assign something interesting to the girl and be descriptive about the settings of the scene. Just have fun and smile through it so that you can make her smile as well.

Smile First

The most common mistake which men make is not using the emoticons while texting a girl. Using the emoticons can improve the tone of your messages or texts and a simple smile emoticon can make a girl smile too. Another advantage of using emoticons is they help in making the intentions and mood clear. The girl won’t is longer indulge herself in guessing about your emotion behind the texts. Using emoticons in the text will give her no second reason to guess about your attitude and thus, they help in avoiding any kind of miscommunication.

Use Confidence and Humour

Your humor and confidence will simply help you in building attraction and will definitely make the girl laugh off. Showing confidence and humor in the same text is like making fun of yourself and will show that you are not really worried about your self-image. The girl will feel that you are a confident and a relaxed person. Also, using the humor in the texts will help in creating a safe environment for communication. Making fun of yourself in front of her will just make a way for her to just speak and she neither needs to be a perfect one because you are not perfect too.

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If you are unsure about what to text to a girl to make her smile, then the above-listed tips can help you with the same. Just use them in the right way at the right time.