If you want to revive your relationship, then it needs your concentrated effort, but you also need few tricky and juicy tips for making your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend feel jealous of you. Every relationship sees a toll, where the romance and the magic fade away. 90% of the people have that ex to whom they want to make jealous, sometimes to get them back in their lives. But here today we will learn about how to make your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend jealous. If you really want to know then you have to read through this article and get all the tips on making your ex jealous of you or maybe you can win them back. So, are you ready to explore? Come On! Let’s do it.

Before moving forward, I want to warn all of you that it is a pretty shady path where you are travelling. Though the advice will definitely help you in achieving exactly what you want, but you also have to be careful that these tips and tricks don’t backfire on you. Also, I want to convey that you just have to be genuine in your own way. Because while making your ex-jealous of you, if he or she senses that you aren’t being the genuine person, then these tips will definitely backfire on you. All in all, I am not giving you advice, but a warning. Be careful.

How to Make Your Ex Jealous


Stop talking to your ex
Just stop talking to your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, if you really want to make them feel jealous. Don’t go behind them asking for a pardon again and again. If you will stop caring or talking to your ex, they will wonder that what you are up to. Not only making your ex feel jealous, but even you can get back your ex forever. So, it is a good idea to give up a conversation with your ex. (Also see: What is the No Contact Rule and how it works?)

Talk about other Boys/Girls
Start talking about other boys/girls if you really want to make your ex jealous. Start mentioning about those boys/girls whom you dated back long and they kissed you. Trust me, your ex would really get jealous and might even want you back as well. (Also see: How to Stay Friends with Your Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend)

Date other people
Ah! It is an obvious tip of making your ex feel jealous of you, but, yes, you really can’t be an obvious one. You really don’t have to message your ex and conveying that you are dating someone, but you have to be subtle. You can plan a meeting with the mutual friend along with your new love toy and introduce the both. If you are a smart card player, then your ex would definitely get to know about it. And they will feel jealous. (Learn: What is Dating?)

Be Civil
This tip is specifically for the girls because boys hate when girls act to be civil, not bitter about their broken relationship and continues to be nice to them. This significantly makes them remember all the memories down the lane when you were used to be with him always. So, girls, one of the best ways to make your ex-feel jealous is by being civil and nice to him.

Act Happy
Honestly, you people have to learn that how to make your ex jealous. So, if you aren’t happy (obviously, you won’t be happy with your breakup), you have to act in front of them. You have to show your ex that you are happier without them and you don’t even remember them. (Also see: How to forget your Ex girlfriend / boyfriend and move on)

Show your ex-something new in you
It is really sad to have a break up after being together for few years, but if you have a little change in yourself after the breakup, then you must show it off. You just have to let your ex know that now you are a changed person for a better life. Trust me guys, when the person checks out that his or her ex is feeling perfect and looking better without them, it is one of the perfect ways for making your ex jealous.

Look Good
You just not have to show off that something new in you, but even you have to look the best one among all. It is one of the best ways for making your ex feel jealous of you. So, it is the right time to grab off the best outfit or their favorite outfit in which you look the best for them and use it for making your ex jealous of you. Every person loves a personality which strikes them and thus, it becomes really a good way to make your ex feel jealous.

Ignore the messages and let your ex wait
Ah! Did You receive a message from your ex? If you really want to make your ex feel jealous, then you have to ignore the messages and let him or her wait. Waiting will drive your ex nuts and he or she will finally be jealous of you.

Use Social Media
If you are planning a night out or a trip with your friends, then Facebook gives you an option for sharing your whereabouts, through the check-in option. So, it is a great way of making your ex feel jealous. And not only Facebook, you can even use Twitter and Tumblr as well.

Confidence- the major key
Remember guys that the major key is the confidence which can make your ex jealous of you. You just have to be confident, not just yourself, but even in your actions as well. Believe me, guys, your ex would regret of leaving you.

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This is it. I have shared all the best ways on how to make your ex girlfriend/boyfriend feel jealous and even how to get them back. End of a relationship is one of the hardest experiences in one’s life. But, between your mixed emotions, anger and hurt, there is some part in you where you want to make your ex girlfriend/boyfriend feel jealous. But, remember that if you try to make your ex feel jealous, then it might show you as a desperate person. So, it is my advice that it is the right time to focus on yourself and move forward. But if you want your ex back or make him or her feel jealous, then these are the best tips on how to make your ex girlfriend/boyfriend feel jealous by keeping you composed and disinterested. Go ahead! Have fun.