Making rounded pictures, avatar is a biggest rage now days among bloggers. It change the overall look of your blog. presently, we are using CSS or jQuery to make images rounded. But in this tutorial I’m going to share an another way to make images rounded which are uploaded on blogger/blogspot or Google+.

Blogger allows users to Host images for free with Unlimited Bandwidth, all images we upload on blogger are stored on Google+ or if you haven’t upgraded to Google+, Your images are stored on Picasa web Album. but most of bloggers have already upgraded to Google+ and images can be found in “Photos” section into your Google+ account.

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In blogger, we have ability to resize or crop images by editing directly into image URL. any image you upload from blogger, it will be automatically resized to blogger’s default dimensions “1600 pixels” from both side, which is an original size of a pic you upload on your blog. as an example; Here I uploaded the image to Blogger and the Blogger Hosted image URL is×1200.jpg

In above image URL, Look over the path before file name. which is Image size “s1600” and it is the default blogger dimension.

Now, if you want that image to be resized with any other dimension like 250 pixels then all you have to do in the Image URL is to change “s1600” with “s250” .×1200.jpg

And now the image size is 250px width and height is corresponding ratio to original image.

Isn’t it good? :)

Along with this, Blogger also offering image cropping, if you give a decided image size, it will automatically cut extra image from both sides and make a perfect square image.

To crop an image, after changing the image size, add -c at end of the image size, see the image preview below :×1200.jpg

How to Make Blogger or Google+ Images Round?

To make blogger images round is too easy, all you have to do is to crop the image 100% from all side. how will you crop image 100% form all side? Just add double c to the image URL at end of the image size “s1600-cc” like so. See the image preview below :×1200.jpg

You can do the same thing in Google+ profile, cover, or any other image URL.

Also there are many things you can do with blogger images like :
To see original image URL add -h right after the image size like this “s1600-h” by adding this you will do not required to click on image to view the original size in-fact it will be open in its original size.

In blogger you don’t need image sitemap as blogger images has already an XML sitemap of each image you upload on Google’s server that you can check by adding -g at end of the image size like this “s1600-g” result would be like this :
Blogger Image Sitemap

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