Underestimating oneself is a common scene all around and thought that they can never make a difference. Often the big names are said to create difference and they often miss the fact all the big names were anonymous at a time and it was simply their willingness to make a difference that had shifted them to big names. Everyone is unique but it is simply one forgets to measures their value. Though there are no perfect set of tips which can turn you into a renowned entity but a set of guidance that could help you to make a difference are as follows:

Make a Difference


Never set too high goals- Do not start by creating a revolution in the whole world at once; just try to change one person at a time. If you want to make a difference than do not look for some uniqueness as it already exists in you. You may think this task to be a difficult one but in reality it is a small one that requires collective effort of all. Never think who are with you to make a difference as it is not the number that could create a difference but it is the desire to make a difference which will make it happen.


Right time never comes- Many legendary tales had a tragic ending as all of them were waiting for the right time to make a difference but that never happen. “A world that waits for none and starts with one can only make a difference.”- Anonymous. Never wait to commence or for having huge treasures or anything big. Drops of water could collectively form ocean so as small efforts! Start with your small steps today!


Never treat your contribution as small- Alone no one can do everything but together everyone can create a difference. All talk about the difference but they put the responsibility to make a difference. Imagine what will happen to the world if everyone wants other to take the responsibility! Unless everyone learn to take their responsibility and decides to make their contribution. Effort is what is needed here!


Best gift of all- Happiness is something that increases if shared! Everything is not monetary and what you could give to the world all round the clock is happiness and love. Time is something which is too expensive and people forget to stay or make others happy or love. Everyone desire to receive but none want to give but attraction comes only when one bring the iron near the magnet. In brief one has to give if you want to have something, it may be happiness or love, and firstly you have to give.


Encourage others- In a one of the tribes of India whenever they want to cut a tree, they crowd near it and uses fowl words against it. It dies in a day or two. Researchers say if you talk to your plant and praise them then they multiplies at a fast rate. If encouragement does such a wonderful task for plants and criticism creates such big blunder for plants then we are humans, imagine the type of effect it could have on us! If you really want to make a difference start encouraging at least one person at a time. You will end up in empowering him/her to a great extent.


Try to grab an effect for long- in order to make a difference rather than boosting about your assets try to share the way you get it.


Doesn’t gossip rather act- if you have time than try to act rather than complaining? You can preserve your precious time rather than wasting it in complaining and could make a difference.


Be a leader- Try to set an example rather than giving advice! Try to inspire others in order to make a difference. Monthly donations, show love and care, put effort and increase the value- this small effort will really take a big form if done with care. The only thing that matters is your effort!

In brief it’s too simple to make a difference if only you do some effort!