Hair loss is common these days both in men and women. It is really an embarrassing situation for those men who are in their early 20s and those men, even losing their confidence as well as feel helpless about the same. Often the problem of hair loss is hereditary, but it is not always because of the fallout of follicles. There are many more reasons for hair loss, including diet and health factors. With few changes in the lifestyle, people can easily prevent and slow down the problem of hair loss. Here I am with the top 7 causes of hair loss in men.

Hair Loss in Men

Different Hairstyles

Recently, the hairstyle “man bun” for men had resurged and is quite popular among teenagers and the guys in the early 20s. Having a unique hairstyle is absolutely okay, but putting stress on the hair strands actually cause hair loss, especially when the hairs are pulled back tightly. One of the major hair-loss culprits are those tight braids as these causes the hairline recess rather than the patchy hair loss.


The thyroid plays a major role in the metabolic functions of a body. A common problem among people these days is the hypothyroidism, which significantly means that it is under-active, but can lead to major health problems in future, including cancer. The thyroid has lost in the long list of the causes of hair loss, but it plays a major role both in women and men suffering from under-active thyroid.


Ah! The obvious reason is the stress. No doubt, we all are busy in our lives and our lives are full of tensions, sometimes because of work or sometimes because of our families. Stress in excess can cause hair loss in men. Also, there are three types of stress which cause hair loss. One is hair loss while brushing, second is autoimmune response which attacks the hair follicles and last, the third is Trichotillomania, which is caused due to pulling hairs because of frustration or stress.


Hair Loss is associated with numerous infections, including one being Ringworm. Despite of the name, no worms are involved, but fungus grows in scalp forcing the hair strands to fall out in patches. Various other infections, like Dermatitis cause hair loss in men. Dermatitis is a skin problem which causes hair loss if its on scalp. Folliculitis is caused by an infection on the scalp which causes inflammation in the hair follicles. Also, Syphilis causes hair loss in men and it is a sexually transmitted disease, which particularly causes thinning of hair.

Improper Diet

Most of the health problems are caused because of poor or improper diet and one of the major problems caused by improper diet is hair loss. Hair strands are made of protein and if you don’t take sufficient protein in your diet, then it affects the quality of hair. Thinning of hair is also a sign of a diet with low Vitamin C or iron. A diet with high protein causes damage to scalp because it often limits the intake of carbohydrates as well as causes many other shortages in nutrition. So, if you think that intake of high-protein rich diet will help you in growing your hairs back, then you are wrong. (Learn: Top 10 healthy eating habits)


Smoking and faulty follicles have a direct connection with each other, thus causing hair loss. It’s just poison your hair, causing thinning and falling. There is a strong link between smoking and grey hair as well as with grey hair and facial wrinkles. (Learn: How to Quit Smoking Fast?)

Drug Use and Medications

Though the medications are used for the intended purpose, yet they have some side effects and it does include, hair loss. There are a variety of drugs and medications which are associated with thinning of hair. Intake of Vitamin A in excess causes hair loss and it is most probably taken during acne treatment. Male hormones, like steroids and testosterone causes hair loss in men.

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Hair Loss is natural among both men and women, but it is not considered as a disease, yet can be treated by following effective home remedies naturally.