Lungi a garment which is just a simple cloth that is available in almost every house, as this garment is simple and comfortable. As this garment is very open type it is mostly preferable in hotter regions like south India, Srilanka etc.

But u must be thinking, how can this garment be a trend or a fashionable thing? But its true now a days this garment has become a fashion and the craze for this garment has also increased, and the release of a Bollywood movie featuring a very popular song “Lungi Dance” just did the work of adding the spices in this craze among the peoples not only in southern India but also in many other regions of India.

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Lungi dance or lungi Craze
Styling : – Lungi is worn in many different ways but the most common way is it is tied around the waist and the two ends are tied in a simple knot, as it is least likely to loosen up and come. Lungi’s are available in different prints and self woven design and is considered as unisex garment.

Used : – As it is a unisex garment it is used by both men and women. The traditional wedding attire worn by the southern groom consists of lungi which is made more attractive with golden embroidery and is known as Kasavu.

Fashion : – With seeing the craze of lungi among the people, many fashion designers are using it for their ramp shows as it was recently used in Wills lifestyle fashion week by Wendell Rodricks. The designers are designing these lungis in more different ways and styles to give it a makeover. It has become a style statement now.

In the above picture it shows a man wearing a lungi and the same type of lungi is further designed into a dress worn by the girl, and if we don’t compare the girls attire to the men wearing lungi no one can say that the girl’s attire is made up from lungi.

With all this designs and attire I think your mind have changed in case of lungi that it is not just only for comfort but also very trendy in present day