No doubt that the romantic gestures are just too cute but are quite easy to fake as well. Am I right? Hey you girlies out there! If you are eagerly finding out the answer to the simple question “Does your man Love You?”, then you landed at the right place because here I have managed to come up with some Sure Signs to read his mind clearly, helping you in finding the perfect answer “Does he Love You?”

Many people do think that love as a grand gesture but it is not because it is actually the small gestures combined together which lasts for the lifetime. You know that your man and you are deeply in love with each other but sometimes it leaves you little confused and insecure. Even your mind doesn’t able to help you out and you start wondering that “Does he Love you?” If the feeling is occasional, then it is natural and just a part of your love experience which everyone does feel it. What matters the most is the reassurance from your lover which does make you feel more loved.

Does He Love You - Sure Signs to Read his Mind

Decode all the signs of “Does he love you”

No doubt that whenever two people fall in love with each other, they do try every possible thing to please their partner for showering their love on them. But when your infatuation takes a roll over the deeper and truer form of love, the same gestures can’t be used anymore. It might be possible that your guy can buy you gifts as well as indulge you with him in some spicy romantic gestures to woo you and even those gestures do work. But if you really want to understand that “Does he love you”, you really need to keep your eyes to the signs which he unintentionally gives to you.

Sure Signs to answer “Does he Love you”

The perfect romantic gestures can be seen in the honeymoon period, but these sure signs are for those girlies out there you want to read the mind of their partners beyond words and gestures.


Communication: Communication in relationship is the best opportunity for understanding each other. And if your guy really loves you, then he would surely talk about his desires and feelings with you and in return, he even would love to know about your life too. This is the easiest as well as the best way for connecting with each other to build a better relationship.


Attracted Strongly: If you ever catch him staring at you while you busy in doing something else, shows a clear sign that he is strongly fascinated by your presence and simply awed by you.


Bears Everything: If a guy truly loves you, he would do anything to see you happy and even would involve himself in such activities which make you happy. Even if he indulge himself in your favorite activities despite the fact that he doesn’t enjoy himself, then he surely loves you.


Spending Time: What matters him the most is the time spend well together with you. He spends lots of time with you, more than he spends with his friends. If he truly loves you and sees you as his life partner, then even his closest buddies will take a backseat and he would start spending more time with you.


Impress you: If you both are fallen in love with each other, then it is obvious that you both have impressed each other and won over the hearts. But your guy would never stop here as he would try his level best to go out of his way to make a good impression on your family and friends. He would love to do all those things which can make you happy.

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Bridges personal space: Relationships do accept few secrets but if your guy falls hard over you, then he would try to connect his life with you via bridge, by sharing details of his bank accounts as well as his passwords and even would not mind if you answer his phone.


Hugs you frequently: If you guy hugs you tightly for no reasons at all, it means he truly loves you and feels good. A good hug actually releases good chemicals and makes the person feel special within the body and even if your man doesn’t know about it, then definitely his mind will feel it.


Thoughts are for you: Though he might be busy in his life and works, yet he tries to remember all the big events in your life. He is even always around you to help when you struck yourself into something big at work.


Changed his world: If a guy truly loves you, then he would surely change his habits as well as his lifestyle for you. He would care a damn while missing his favorite movie or game, just to listen about your shitty boring day.


Share his secrets: Secrets are sign of weakness but if your guy truly loves you then he would open himself up by sharing your secrets which he hasn’t told anyone else as he trusts you.


You are always on & in his mind: Even if he doesn’t need you, he remembers you and gets you everything which you even haven’t asked him. Or if he is on his way to meet you, then might stop in to buy your favorite chocolate or something, as he knows that you would like it even if you said nothing to him.


Introduces to his family and friends: A man who is truly in love with you will not hesitate to introduce to his family and friends. He knows that what would they think but will be surely happy to see that he is really happy with you.


Misses you and not Judgmental: He does miss you but may not tell you always because sometimes it does sounds quite corny. But you will see his twinkling eyes with a wide broad smile on his face which just screams out, I LOVE YOU. He would never judge you or hurt you for the things you did, but yeah! he can surely pull your leg.

Romantic gestures just displays out the guy’s affection but these signs will surely help you in reading his mind out to find the perfect answer to “Does he Love you”. Though the first signs that he is truly in love with you or not can be quite hard to spot but they are really exciting as well.