As a parent in the 21st century, you’ll have an abundance of worries on your mind twenty-four hours a day. Getting a good night’s sleep will prove to be far more difficult than you could ever imagine. Throw electronics and the Internet in the equation and your blood pressure is going to soar through the ceiling. At some point, your child is going to want a smartphone. This is a reasonable desire, but it is pertinent to protect your child and prevent them from accessing inappropriate materials. Below, you will learn what to look for in a great parental control app for your child’s smartphone.


Difficult To Disable

Kids are very intelligent. In fact, it is highly likely that your child knows more about technology than you do. This can make it very difficult to find an app that will be effective. While it is vital to have an app that can track your child and filter their Internet content, it is also pertinent to choose one that cannot be switched off or deceived easily. Make sure your child cannot turn off the app. If they do, you should be provided with a notification immediately.

Track All Forms Of Communication

There are many great apps out there. When looking for the best one for your child, it is pertinent to choose one that is capable of tracking all forms of communication. This capability has grown very popular thanks to apps like Kidgy. Your parental control software should be able to track phone calls, instant messages, SMS messages, and MMS texts. This will help to ensure that you’re well aware of your child’s activities, whether they’re chatting via text, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or something else.

Website History And Content Filter

Until your child becomes an adult, you’ll want to prevent them from accessing inappropriate content. The good news is that most parental control apps will offer some form of content filtering. This is absolutely vital. This is one of the best features provided with the Kidgy app. With an Internet content filter, you’ll be able to block access to certain websites that are deemed dangerous or inappropriate. Simultaneously, the software will be able to detect dangerous keywords, such as violence, assault, sex, or drugs.

Also, it is wise to choose an app that gives you the ability to examine your child’s website browsing history. This will allow you to determine whether or not your child has been accessing inappropriate materials. If they have, you’ll be able to take action and reprimand them immediately.

GPS Tracking

While you might want to believe otherwise, you cannot always trust your child. They might pretend they’re going to a friend’s house or the library, but they could actually be headed to a party. This is why it is a good idea to choose an app that is capable of tracking the phone via GPS. This will allow you to know where your child is at any point in time. This can also help you locate your child, if they become sick, injured or get into a motor vehicle accident.

Choose One That Blocks In-App Purchases

Many parents are being challenged by their children’s ability to make in-app purchases. In 2015, TechCrunch said that consumers had already socked over $200 million dollars into in-app purchases.

Believe it or not, even Kayne West has experienced a similar issue with his daughter, who at the time was only two years old. Kayne went on a tyrant, criticizing app makers that embed and force users to make in-app purchases to advance in their games.

With so children and teenagers having access to free gaming apps that offer in-app purchases, it is no wonder that parents are looking for a solid solution. That solution may very well be a parental control app with the ability to block such purchases.

Blocking Access To Marketplaces Is A Must

When you are searching for a new parental control app, be sure to only consider those that provide parents with the ability to block access to marketplaces, such as Google Play. While many gaming, entertainment and educational apps are free to download from the marketplace, others can cost anywhere from 0.99 cents to $4.99 and even more. Of course, one purchase does not seem like that big of a deal, but when you consider your child will have the freedom to make innumerable purchases, the financial risks are extremely high.