Nowadays, if you are an entrepreneur, it is not enough that you look into office spaces, find places you can get resources from, or even search an online catalogue for various types of printers and desktop computers. You should be able to use technology to its fullest and explore the world of possibilities because you are about to penetrate a very fast-paced world. The world of business, like any other industries that demand time, is not very forgiving. You need to get on top of things quickly, so you always need to be plugged in sending out emails and video chatting with potential investors.

For this reason, a lot of the technologies produced today offers a way for the entrepreneur to work on their tasks seamlessly. Gadgets that are available for purchase in the market promises assistance when we need to multitask. In this article, we enumerate the underlying tech you should have with you right now. If you are not a person who uses gadgets a lot, this list is a good place to start.


Having a tablet with you allows you to work on work and personal matters with just a few swipes of the finger. If you are in a lunch meeting with executives, this is an excellent tool to use so you can show them presentations or other data that you have prepared for them.

There are brands like the Microsoft Surface that offers both tablet and laptop capabilities to their gadgets. You can opt to choose those so that you can quickly shift from laptop view and edit your files, and then to screen view so you can easily present them. However, if you do not travel too often, having just the tablet capability is enough.


Say what you will about smartwatches, but they are helpful when it comes to sifting your messages. Through this accessory, you can view messages while in a meeting and see if the messages are urgent enough that you should reply to them quickly. You do not have to fish out your phone from your pocket every time it dings or have it vibrate loudly on the table. For smartwatches, there are affordable alternatives. You do not need a very expensive one.

Bluetooth headphone

This technology is not just for listening to music without struggling with the cords, but this is also for taking calls. They have always been a handy gadget to have, even in the days when phones are not touch screen form. It is extremely helpful to have when you are driving and need to respond to calls. You should invest in these headphones if you usually drive out to your meetings so you can be safe.

Power bank

Of course, you should always have a power bank with you. Smartphones are notorious for their short battery life span, and you cannot help but drain because you will need it for work. Other than the portable ones, you can also find battery cases wherein it looks like a phone case but is actually a charger.