Two words to say and it take away months and years to follow: “Move on “. It is a very solely process. Forgetting someone is not an easy task to do. It is not even a spontaneous process. Moving one is a lonely process where you miss the person every day until someday you just stop missing him anymore. We, people, are very emotional. We try to cling to false hopes. We refuse to believe that something which is gone won’t come back. Someday, when we realize it, we lose ourselves. But then, life has to go on. You need to get yourself out of a failed relationship. Here are some steps that will help you for doing so:

1) Fetch yourself some time:

Time really doesn’t matter to decide how much you are in love. You sometimes don’t even take a day to fall for someone. Sometimes you just click and you know you are in love. Again at times, it is even years and the two people are just good friends. You always need to follow your feelings. You will mourn when it goes away. But then, you need to have the faith that you did something which is correct. You need to rethink logically on the facts that made you people fall apart rather than mourning for it.

2) Let the knots be loose:

When you are too much entangled in feelings and complications, give your emotions some space. Crying is not a sign of weakness. It is just a way to let your emotions flow away. If you want to shout or talk to some friends to go the frustration, do so. Don’t do anything to make him feel jealous. That would just mean, you still want him back. You just need to know that you have to let it go off.

3) Why did forever not last forever?

When you want him beside you, think of the times he mistreated you and you weren’t happy. Whenever you regret your decision, have faith in yourself that you did the right thing. Not everything is meant to be forever.

4) Learn from the past:

Everyone is in our life for a reason, someone to be with you and others to leave you with a lesson. You just need to learn and absorb what is being given to you. If you reacted vehemently and it was your mistake that you lost him then you need to learn to be calm. And if he or she has lowered your self-esteem then you have learnt not to bend in front of others.

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5) When there is something negative, there is a positive around it too:

Learn to be optimistic. Rather than regretting on the fact and crying because it is over, you need to smile because it happened. You are of course in a better position than many. You, people, have just broken up. Trust me, there are people who have lost their partners forever. What about them? Yes, you people must have got some bad memories too, but there are many good memories. Cherish them and make the rest a lesson.

6) Don’t destroy yourself:

How can you expect someone else to love you unless you love yourself? Before you start taking weeds and smoking or drinking alcohol like the typical drunkard people, you need to think does he or she worth it? The one who left you without caring for your feelings, does he or she deserve anything of yours? He/she has lost someone who loved him/her the most, probably. And you have lost someone who just didn’t care enough to last. Who deserves to lead a bad life then?

7) You need to break the contacts:

Awkward meetings are not to be friends again. It is just because you can’t be without him. If mutual friends are creating a problem, try to avoid them before you’re stable again. It is a lonely process. Stop stalking him in any social networking sites. If any other girl posts anything on his wall or he posts some picture with another girl, it will eventually make you more distracted and unhappy.

8) Keep yourself away from him:

You need to keep away from anything that keeps on reminding you of him. Any chats, or anything that belonged to him and now it is you, return it back to him. Try reading books. Go for a small vacation. Decorate your home or do some changes in it. Hangout with your friends. Call for a party.

9) Enjoy your life!

You have got just one life. No one has the right, how much beloved be him to spoil it. You need to love your life. Make new friends, go talk to your family. Follow your dreams. Do something crazy each day. Do new things that will make you happy. You need to get a taste of everything in your life. Success and failures too. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

10) Be happy again. Learn from your past but let it not affect our future:

You need to be happy. Maybe you loved him too much. Maybe none of you cheated. Maybe it just didn’t work out. And it is okay. Not everything can go well always. Love is a lot of things together – passion, emotion, care, love, living with each other but also trying to stay away and letting it go when it is required. A very ordinary person becomes extraordinary for you in love. It is okay if you can’t be each other’s partner or love, but you both exist in this world. And that is what which makes it a better and more beautiful place to be in. That is love! You can be with someone else in future. You don’t need to feel guilty for it. You don’t need to forget him also. But let him just be a memory. Just because you have failed in this relationship, doesn’t mean that you will fail in the next also. Don’t lose yourself.

We all have that person in our life, whom we have loved too much, but then circumstances were such that we couldn’t be with each other. But if you could love the wrong person so much, be sure you can love the right person even more! So cheer up. A broken relationship is not the end of your life. You have many more beautiful things to come in your life. Why not take this break-up easily and wait for the Mr. /Ms. Perfect to come in your life and tell the magical word “I Love You”.