Life is all about witnessing the transition that takes place period by period. Right from our young adults to aging years, we overcome various things that can be challenging but fun enough. There are many people whom we come across in our life and inspire us to treat various challenges. One such inspiring person is Tracy Luttrell who after retirement has been inspiring others through her blog to live the life in full-fledge. Living with family in Bowling Green she likes to do adventurous travel with friends and cousins.


According to her, life in 20s is the time when you witness a rapid transition and is the time to take challenges and risk for a better life ahead.

Let us check what Tracy Luttrell has learned from late 20s period:

Life Philosophy may be Flawed:There comes the time when you feel that you know everything about the world, but you may be wrong. As your age grows, your views towards relationship, politics and career will be redefined by experience.

Life is not easier:A good life doesn’t come with ease; there are hardship and work that can make you miserable and lost. There will be failures and setbacks during the path of success, but this is what the life is all about.

Keep Learning to taste success:Right from the school, you must have learned many things that can be useful in your further life. You need to stay humble and need to learn new things that can be helpful in career.

Pursuing your Passion:Every person has a passion for something in life. To reach towards it the person needs to work hard and passionate enough to reach your success.

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Apart from the above mentioned philosophical words, Tracy Luttrell also describes why golden years are considered as the best time to travel. Travelling is considered as the best way to explore yourselves. According to her, there is no age for travelling, and starting your travelling journey right from the young age will certainly help in to become the grounded person.

According to Tracy, travelling is an experience which is refreshing and full of knowledge. Each experience is new and you will certainly help in knowing new places, especially in younger age. It is one such activity that allows person to explore the life and place in younger age.

To add more charm to your life, try running in marathons which are fun and showcases your energy. You can check out different marathon races that takes place. This includes Marathon du Medoc- France, Antarctic Ice Marathon- Antarctica and Maratona di Roma- Italy. It would be the best experience of joining the race of people who run even in coldest, windiest and highest and driest continent. No doubt, marathons are exhaustive, but it is a delightful experience to overcome the obstacles people go through.