When it’s an occasion to celebrate, the idea of dining out is top on the list. A seamless dine-out plan is all that you needto indulge in good time. And, the ease of booking a table at your favorite restaurant is so welcoming. Thanks to virtual platforms like Clicktable you can now reserve a table online. But, last minute dining hiccups are not averted by merely booking a table in advance. You might face glitches like booking a place and finding out later that it doesn’t even serve your favorite cuisine. Or you might dislike the overall ambiance of a restaurant. Clicktable brings you the opportunity to discover new places, and find your favorite cuisines at your fingertips. Finally, bye-bye to those hiccups!


Hassle-free pre-booking for selective time and date

When the day and date of merriment are decided, you just have to proceed with the table booking. Clicktable is there to help you figure out the best restaurants in your city for a given time slot. You just have to browse through different restaurant options and make an online reservation at the place that catches your fancy. Restaurant reservations that are made online through Clicktable are confirmed within a short timeframe. Hence there are no delays in your plan. You also get to check the reservation status and information related to your booking. Transparent reviews and diners’ ratings are also available for each restaurant, so there is no room for a wrong choice. Clicktable provides complete clarity on reservation status – if there is a waiting or long delays it will help you plan elsewhere instead of countless minutes in the queue despite a booking.

You can filter out places as per your favorite cuisine, dining preferences, budgets & more

Based on the popular locations to dine out in your city, you can get an assorted list of restaurants on Clicktable. So, whether you want to dine out in Delhi/NCR, Bangalore or Mumbai, you will get the best dine-out recommendation through the platform. You can check the food and bar menu that will give you a glimpse into the signature cocktails and dishes that the restaurant serves. Be it lip-smacking Lebanese food or rich textured Thai cuisine. You can always find the restaurant that suits your taste. You also get to know in advance, how much the meal is going to cost you, therefore, no surprises or embarrassing moments. You pick a restaurant that is in tune with your pocket and taste.

When food in not enough – discover live events at restaurants!

Besides getting to indulge in the food your choice, the platform also helps you discover new places that organize live musical and comedy events on a regular basis. Isn’t, sipping your favorite cocktail over a lavish spread of entrees and starters with live music playing in the background is an evening well spent? For many and similar dining experiences, Clicktable is a virtual platform that will connect you to the most happening locations.

Get to know about the most amazing dining offers available in the city

From bill discount to group offers or all-inclusive packages, you have plenty of options at Clicktable to cut your food bill significantly. You can now focus on good time, rather on the final bill amount. On an average, you spend Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000 per person every time you go out to dine. This billing amount will be even more if you order a couple of alcohol beverages. But by reserving the table through Clicktable, you can get impressive discounts, especially if you frequently dine out with friends and family members.
You can discover & explore new restaurants with ease

If bored with the same old set of restaurants, you can discover and explore new restaurants in your city with the help of Clicktable. Also, if you are new to a town, with the assistance of the platform you can discover the best places to eat and hangout. You can check out the most popular restaurants in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore through Clicktable with ease.

With cloud-based platforms like Clicktable, now locating restaurant is a hassle free exercise. Within minutes you can book a table and head out with friends and family for a memorable time.