The internet has opened up a world of opportunities for individuals and businesses that utilise its global reach to gain multitudes of information across every area imaginable. Despite corporate efforts to protect products against illegal downloads, it has become more or less commonplace to stream TV shows online or download your favourite album without paying a penny. What isn’t as acceptable is the illegal use of copyrighted software, particularly by large organisations. There are industry watchdogs in place that won’t hesitate to dish out colossal fines and even jail terms for those who breach software use conditions. We’ve compiled a list of the top three piracy stings that would make anyone think twice about illegal software usage.

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AU$150,000 for an Australian Engineering Company
A Melbourne engineering company was recently fined a huge AU$150,000 for using software such as Autodesk, Adobe and Microsoft without an official license. The fine was instigated by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and required the company to pay a hefty damages bill, purchase all its utilised software, as well as implement software asset management plans (SAM). The bust was based on a tip off from a former employee who received a $20,000 reward for outing the company. The BSA has revealed that the damages bill is the second biggest fine ever issued in Australia.


£250,000 for a major UK service provider
A major British company was slapped with a quarter of a million pound lump sum fine when the BSA found it to be using multiple unlicensed versions of Autodesk, Adobe and Microsoft software. The pirated copies were found on hundreds of company computers spread across a number of different sites. The company cannot be named for legal reasons, however the BSA did confirm it was a key player in the infrastructure and public services sphere. The £250,000 fine trumps all previous UK BSA fines, the average damages and compensation bill sitting at around £10,000.

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12 Years Prison for the Owner of
In June 2011, 36 year old Chinese resident Li Xiang, was sentenced to 12 years US imprisonment for operating a website that had sold US$100 million worth of unlicensed software to buyers across the globe. The site specialised in selling copies of popular industrial software used in highly profitable industries such as design, engineering, aerospace simulation, mining and explosives.  Xiang was stung after being lured to a meeting spot by US agents posing as buyers of 20 gigabytes of data.

The fact that industry leaders such as Microsoft and Adobe have fallen victim to piracy breaches highlights the necessity for companies to maintain absolute vigilance when developing, distributing and investing in software applications. Software escrow, registry data escrow and software verification are all vital. Don’t let your company be a victim.