If you want the best site, you need to have the best landing page. There are numerous software available in the market,which helps in providing the right as well as the attractive landing page to a website.Precisely, Unbounce, GetResponse and LeadPages are the kinds of software, which are the recommendations of the highly professional experts. Before comparing the three landing page software, do you know that why the landing page is so important?

The landing page of a website is so important because the first page of the product or company, where the user land is the landing page of the website. No doubts in saying that now, we are in the digital era, where the companies are trying to focus themselves in building a particular page for defining more and briefly about their products, services and their objectives. All the companies ask their visitors to fill a form or collect their information.

It is a bad idea to link your marketing material with the generic homepage because if the visitors won’t find the information they are looking for by clicking an ad on a particular page, then they would definitely go to leave the website in just few seconds. To solve this problem, we have the best solution here, which is the Landing Pages. The landing page builder significantly helps in directing the visitors to a website on a customized page, which particularly associates with the promotional advertisement on your website.

Things to know about the Landing Pages

  • A page which helps in persuading the visitors of your website to sign up for buying the products, your email list, etc.
  • The feature of split testing helps in sending the visitors on different landing pages in order to test which landing page achieves the best conversion rate.
  • Building your own landing page would not help you in achieving the desired conversion rates, which can be easily achieved by the templates.
  • The feature of ‘squeeze page’ on the landing page helps in collecting the website’s marketing information.
  • The most important element of the landing page is the CTA (call to action), which significantly wants you to inform the visitors that what you actually want from them.
  • If your landing page would hold the value proposition, then it will persuade the visitors in handing over their details to you.

It is important to have the relevant as well as the attractive landing pages. The best landing pages are those, which stands out perfectly with various other parts of the webpage as well as connected to the social media. So, now, finally coming back to the main objective of this article, that is, how the landing page software helps the marketers as well as the developers in enhancing the website’s landing pages. Though the best known one is the Unbounce, yet the most loyal followings and comparable services are of LeadPages and GetResponse. So, which one is the best among these three? Come on! Let’s find out.

The Landing Page Builder- GetResponse

Getresponse-Landing Page creator
Remarkably the most versatile platforms we have is the GetResponse. They provide the email-marketing service and the landing page builder is their independent extension. They have experience of many years in handling the email-marketing services and thus, they know what exactly they have to do for turning the ads into leads into sales. Companies whichare looking to expand themselves quickly go with the best choice, that is, GetResponse.

Features of GetResponse

  • Designed to result-oriented sales
  • Features extensive analytics, which helps in measuring the success of the landing pages
    Features an option for A/B testing, which helps in running multiple versions of the landing page at the same time in order to check, which is performing the best.
  • Easy in creating responsive as well as beautiful landing pages.
  • Features tasteful and clean templates along with a drag-and-drop system.
  • The landing pages created easily fits or adjusts on the tablet and mobile screens.
  • While creating the landing pages, one need not to have any prior knowledge about HTML.
  • Most of the GetReponse’s templates features the web forms, including the interactive text boxes which allow the visitors for signing up for opting for the promotional emails from the website or buying the products.This helps in getting more contacts as well as the leads for all the emails sent by the website.
  • It gives an access to the online image editor to the visitors, which is similar to Photoshop.
  • It even provides the users with free hosting and also they can publish the landing page on their own website or on a free subdomain (must be GetResponse affiliated).

The Landing Page Builder- LeadPages

The LeadPages has a slightly different approach from its competitors, GetResponse and Unbounce. Its platform basically focuses on the analytic and the efficiency as well as is streamlined and stripped-down. The major clients of LeadPages, include Shopify and Greenpeace and they have a simple approach which significantly applies to convoluted organizations.

Features of LeadPages

  • The landing pages are created within 5 minutes because the page builder is very easy-to-use and simple, means that you just have to click and drag the snaps to take their positions.
  • You need not to have prior knowledge about coding for using a LeadPages landing page builder.
  • The landing pages created are compatible with all the mobile devices as they automatically adjust their layout as well as the aspect ratios for optimizing the view on tablets and phones.
  • They allow you to add the “Lead Boxes” asking the visitors to sign up for the email subscriptions and helps in building effective leads as well as improves the overall efficiency.
  • The “LeadLinks” feature provides the visitors with a subscription with just one click, that is, single click on the hyperlink, and you are subscribed.

The Landing Page Builder- Unbounce

For most of the biggest Internet businesses, the best go-to option is the Unbounce. The client list of Unbounce, includes Twitter, Hootsuite and Thomsen Reuters. They have an established record of success and would be the incumbents if ever these three platforms ever meet together and even there is a good reason behind the success of Unbounce.

Features of Unbounce

  • Boasts awesome rates for conversion.
  • The info page of the landing page features high-profile client’s testimonials, which significantly explains about the improved services and the people who have bought their products.
  • Through every step of process, the users can easily test the performance of the website or pages easily.
  • They provide excellent features for A/B testing and analytics.
  • Similar to GetResponse, Unbounce also offers an easy-to-use and simple landing page builder. For instance, if you want to customize your Facebook profile, then you can easily create a beautiful page.
  • It is very easy while interlinking the landing pages created on Unbounce using various marketing services which are significantly used in the business.
  • The linking of the landing pages is done smoothly using Marketo, Mailchimp, Salesforce and various other marketing platforms, despite it doesn’t feature an inbuilt email builder.

Overall Verdict

GetResponse provides subscriptions with a starting price of $15 per month. It does offer fantastic value and is one of the most affordable services, which I have reviewed. It does provide with the best and amazing features. They have an experience of years in email-marketing, which is an added value of an extensive publication options and list-building and a connected email builder. This particularly helps in deciding to bring in more people to your website’s landing pages. As compared to other landing page builders, GetResponse is the one which doesn’t offer more templates than Unbounce. And for measuring the site performance, the GetRepsonse depends on the Google Analytics. Personally, it is the best and the worth landing page builder, which I do love. Overall, it is quite impressive.

Leadpages is one of the most simple landing page builder, without being the most restrictive one. It gives numerous options for customizing and even doesn’t take much longer for figuring out. Out of these three, only LeadPages is the one with the robust inbuilt analytics. It gives every specific detail about the pages and is even fun to learn them. Similar to Unbounce, LeadPages is also quite an expensive one with its starting rate of $25 per month, which is more than the GetResponse, without even offering any better services. Out of these three, LeadPages has got the best templates, which are pleasing one though. It is not as polished as the GetResponse or Unbounce. Overall, it is a good platform for email-marketing.

Unbounce is one of the most versatile landing page builders among these three which I reviewed because the services provided by Unbounce are widely used. The services are recognized and even they have the virtually non-existent compatibility issues. Among these three, Unbounce is the only one which features the most templates, which means that whatever is your niche, Unbounce will give you the best template for your website’s landing page. The starting price of the Unbounce subscriptions is the $49 per month, which is little higher than the subscriptions of GetResponse and LeadPages. It is the real dream-device for the startups and smaller businesses. Overall, it does deserve the hype.

All-in-all, the best landing page builder is the GetResponse, which stands out with its seamless integration of image editor and powerful email-marketing tool. It would be a much harder decision, if Unbounce would have been more affordable. So, personally, I do love GetResponse which provides a bang on our pockets and offers an array of useful features. So, now, it’sup to you guys to choose the best one which is fulfilling your requirements of the landing pages.