If you’re fond of writing and want to submit your guest post on blogs, but they rejects your post then you should be ready to accept your mistake and improve them with right method, so read this and let yourself inspire with making mistakes.

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Don’t Use Old or Released Articles

Some articles are really too old, so you should not submit articles like that, Writing these types of article can not improve your chances to be accept your post on blog. In addition they may remove your last published article if they blindly trusted on your article for uniqueness. So be unique and write unique articles.

Don’t submit Uncategorized Article

When you submit article you write but if your article doesn’t suits there blog or does not matching with their blog for publishing, then ofcourse it won’t be published. So First read the categories of posts they’re accepting and then submit your guest post.

Never Submit Article with Lack of Visualisation

If you’re writing a tutorial based article or something like that then you must show some images or video for your articles, there will be more interest if your article have images, as considering w/o image article and with image article, with image article will be more successful and keep finding traffic itself by various sources. So just have some visualized content like image or video. Don’t bore with text only.

Don’t Submit w/o Layout Adjustment

If your post does not have adjusted layout, then it may rejected in blog with more guest post traffic, some bloggers may adjust layout suitable to their blog, but your post should be ready to publish in seconds without any adjustment, this will bring easy and speedy approval for your future guest posts.

Write Some Bio About Yourself

If you will write a short description about yourself and give your link then it will be easy to approve your guest post, after all you are posting for that :D. And if your bio is not available then you’ll not able to get credits because user cannot see your name there. So its recommended to give your bio with post.

Follow Instructions Carefully

If there is description or faq about guest posting then read that because you’ll get knowledge of niches of your posts and how many links they allow, etc… and if you’re not knowing this then you’ll submit a post with your backlinks then your post may get disapproved.

Use Some Nice Word Vocabulary

If you’re using some conventional word its just simple article but you can use many more words which have the same meaning but gives you nice impressions to readers, for example if you’re writing “Live Demo” then instead you can write “Visualised Sample” or “Have Eyes on Project” this will improve your writing skills too and let you give more impressions.