If you’ve just unpacked your fancy new iPhone, you’ll no doubt spend a few minutes gazing at its unblemished body and flawless finish. It’s a bittersweet moment, as you know this perfection is doomed to suffer the slings and arrows of sand, grit, coffee, saltwater and the occasional abrupt meeting with the floor.

Wear and tear is also something of a concern if you usually sell your old phones when you upgrade. You want to get the best resale price you can for each model, as well as to get the best use out of your current phone without breakages, shattered screens or gummed-up ports and regular visits to Apple repair stores.

With these concerns in mind, here are three ways to keep your iPhone looking good and working well until it’s time to welcome another shiny little chassis into your life.


Use a case

Using a protective case will help to shield your phone from knocks, drops and other bumps. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different styles and types of case on the market, so you need to think about the type you need most, then think about the looks you want.

If you tend to drop your phone a lot, or if you have a heavy outdoor job, then you’ll need something rugged and waterproof. If you’re a bit more sedentary and your phone will be spending a lot of time in your bag or on a desk, you’ll need lighter protection that goes all round the phone so your keys, for example, or sand, don’t scratch the screen.

Use a screen protector

When it comes to retaining resale value, your screen is what you need to watch out for, as damage here is the most visible and troublesome. Your screen protector can be one that fits all the way round the phone and doubles as a general protector or you can opt for a screen-only shield and combine this with a protector. While these screens certainly do the job of protecting the display, they accumulate damage and abrasions themselves, so they’ll need to be changed every two or three months. Thankfully, you can pick them up cheaply online or in accessory shops.

Clean your phone regularly

Phones are in our hands a lot, as well as in pockets and handbags, so they pick up and retain a lot of bacteria – more than other electronic devices, that’s for sure. This means you should give it a good clean once a month at least.

You’ll need a clean microfibre cloth and some suitable cleaner. Make sure you spray the cleaner onto the cloth, not straight onto the phone. Your phone should also be powered off before you clean it.

You should pay attention to the ports on your phone, too. Use a can of compressed air to blow out any lint from the earphone jack, the charger port and the mouthpiece and speaker.

Barring accidents and mishaps, it’s you that’s in control of keeping your phone safe and in good condition throughout its life with you. If you take the time to maintain your device, you should part with it on good terms!