We all do have a number of ideas which we can freely share with other people. No matter whether you want to build your business from the scratch or achieve success among the competitors in the urban environment, we have a lot of opportunities which allow us to share our knowledge. Regardless of where we get the knowledge, we have a lot of options for sharing.

Most of the people think that they really can’t teach anything to the world because they don’t have the sufficient knowledge, but it is not true at all. It is quite really helpful to post the course online for the people who are interested in having knowledge of the same. For instance, we have the Udemy instructors who earn around $8,000 on an average for posting courses for other people and it is pretty solid to have this kind of passive income.

Though it is not the earnings of the top earners but if you put in a lot of efforts in generating courses which are of high value to the people who are interested in learning about them, then you have the potentiality of earning in six figures as well. The major problem which arises is finding the best platform for selling the online courses. Though we have Shopify which works quite really well with an app, yet did you ever thought about the standalone platforms?


Today, we are here with two options which we have to sell your courses online and that is, Kajabi vs Teachable. And yes, we would be comparing the two to get an answer to ‘Which is the best?’ Personally, I love using Kajabi because it is one of the most comprehensive platforms we have available in the market for selling the best digital content through the online business.


Kajabi is a comprehensive online platform for the people to run an online business to sell the best digital content and earn money. It has all the tools which are needed by a person while selling the courses online for collecting the new leads, nurturing them as well as turning them into a payment for the customers of the digital products. It is a complete solution as you need not have any different services stringed together to perform the functions.


Teachable is a clean and simple online course creator which offers the best of the services. These services actually help Teachable to stand against Kajabi as one of the biggest competitors. Unfortunately, it does lack in a number of marketing tools which are needed by the people for selling the online courses. The marketing tools which help the businesses to grow and generate the new leads are missing with this brand. Also, it also has the inflexible customization tools which are important for the site as well as the product aesthetics.

What made us choose Kajabi over Teachable is the fact that Kajabi helps us in selling the content online easily with a simple process and an affordable price. On the other hand, we have Teachable which does help in selling high volume content online easily, but it is little pricey. Teachable is a bit buggy platform, but Kajabi is a complete solution for those who are looking for the best platform to sell their courses online easily by using their marketing tools as well as earn money by the affiliation tools.

Now, it is up to you people to choose the best one according to your requirements and budget. If you want to go with our saying, then without any doubts, go for Kajabi.