To generate traffic using social network is the best way to improve your website traffic. And seeing the present generation, Facebook seems to be the best social networking site. As it has gained much popularity among its users, every blogger is targeting to link up with these Facebook users. For this reason the bloggers are provided with a widget which helps them to link their their web page with Facebook. This widget is called as Exit Pop-up Facebook Like Box Widget. Facebook has a lot of benefits for the bloggers and the web developers, this widget is very important for them. As now-a-days almost every internet user uses Facebook, blogger can get maximum likes for their blog or page. So add this widget to your site and whenever a visitor leave your site a Facebook like box will pop up. This widget helps you to dramatically increase your page likes. So just add this widget to your blog and get ready to see its results. It even adds a different look or gives a style to your blog. So this can be claimed as the best widget for the bloggers.

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Preview :
Exit Pop-up

How To Add Exit Pop-Up Facebook Like Box Widget To Blogger?

1) Replace my Facebook page URL with yours
2) Click on “Add to Blogger” to add this widget to your blog.


Your Facebook Page URL :