Great Scott! It seems like everybody is catching onto the smart home trends. The smart revolution era has taken a strong hold over the last ten or so years in the West. In particular, the Australian home automation market continues to grow in leaps and bounds. In the East, the Japanese were innovative with the adaptation of smart technology to their homes. With the explosion of the smart device market, this trend has continued to the west and is on course to remain one of the strongest growing consumer markets. How has this trend come about? Well, there is the factor of convenience, something new, functionality, features & prestige. We aren’t saying that you should become too smart for your own good! Rather, you should adopt the technology in your home that will let you feel comfortable and that will allow your home to work better for you. Items in the home that are contributing to the smart trend include:


Smartphone devices (Apple and Google Android products).

There’s been a rise in the accessibility of smart devices and the software that is pioneering the shift is the Apple operating system on Apple devices and Android operating software across Android devices. The development of applications on these devices are fuelling the interest and desire for smarter conferencing technology between items in the home through the use of the home’s web connection. Below are a few areas where smart technology is contributing to the smart technology revolution in the home.

Wireless multifunction printers.

In your home, there will probably be an area dedicated as a home office space. Having a smarter office space makes things more efficient and allows you to become more productive in your tasks. Investing in a wireless multifunction printer where you will be able to scan, print and copy documentation to and from your laptop and mobile smart device, will add convenience to your documentation needs, especially if you need to process something on the go. Furthermore, you will be able to send and receive faxes as required.

Wireless conference phones.

The home landline is an item that is frequently used around the home. Rather than being confined to one space, invest in a wireless line that also leverages conferencing technology. Place the phones around different areas of the home. Some of the phones may be able to run over your internet connection, (known as VOIP phones) which should reduce your phone bills and also connect the conference technology to your smart devices.

Gaming consoles.

Generation Y are into their gaming consoles and the integration of Internet technology has spurred creative ways in which the consoles can be used. Newer generations of the Playstation and Xbox consoles are rising in popularity as the consoles integrate Internet and IP technology that allows people to:

  • Conference call over their console. (Although for gamers, this is done usually during gameplay)
  • Accessibility to content (People can download software, games and media on demand with their web connection, which is fuelling commerce)
  • Syncing and sharing their media with other devices (The consoles already leverage smart technology when it comes to sharing information. This can be linked to Smart TVs, Computers and other smart devices.

Energy conservation

With a growing awareness of energy conservation, many people want to take initiative to improve their habits and practices around the home that will help the environment. Smart devices and their applications can assist with this by configuring automation systems in the home that are linked to your smart device. For example, to reduce the amount of energy consumption in the home, an automation system can be configured in the home to control curtains, shutters, heating and lighting from your smart device or your mobile phone.

Security Elements

How would you feel if you could sleep better at night because you felt safer? You can configure your security setup to be monitored from your smartphone or smart device. Configure alarm settings remotely and access real-time data or video streaming from the palm of your hand.

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Smart fridges.

If you are tired of trying to figure out what you need in your refrigerator every week, why not have your fridge do all the thinking for you? A smart fridge can monitor the food stock that you have inside, preservation dates and even help you with developing shopping lists for the upcoming grocery shopping for the week.

Audio visual setup.

Add the extra element of ‘cool’ to your home by configuring your audio visual setup with your smart device. You can use your smartphone as a remote control to change audio levels and customise the surround sound experience in your home.

Smart homes and smart appliances are the new trend! Hollywood and films had predicted the smart home and what was science fiction is quickly becoming a reality. With the smart home revolution, it is a race to get serious about adding convenience and improved functionality to your home. Start taking steps towards getting your dream home. Invest in the smarter choice!