Floating Facebook like box widget is a widget used by the bloggers to get more and more Facebook likes. Many bloggers fight to get Facebook likes. They are even ready to buy fake Facebook likes or hires people to bring them the likes. Some even ask their family members who are much more indulged in Facebook surfing to bring the likes from their friend circle. This is a very tiresome work and even wastage of money for just few likes. So instead of trying all this trick you can add this widget to your blog which in turn will bring maximum likes to your blog. This widget is fixed on the right hand side of your page and it remains fixed. When you place the cursor over the blue Facebook image, the box will slide out with the option to like your Facebook page and I have created a generator for this widget. You can easily install this widget to your blog.

floating fb

How to add Floating Facebook LikeBox Widget To Blogger?

  1. Go to Generator page, by clicking on “Widget Generator” button below.
  2. Replace my Facebook fan page URL with yours
  3. Customize the Settings as you need
  4. Click on Generate” button to get the code for the widget and add it to your blog ( Learn : How to add widget or gadget to blogspot blog. )