The iPhone continues to be the most well loved smartphone in this high tech world despite some strong competition from Android based phones. Besides allowing you to do nearly anything that a desktop computer can do, this device offers you the convenience of fitting in your pocket. It has everything covered from work to play and everything in between.

There is an app for just about anything you can think of doing using the iPhone. Whether you want to do some simple sketching on the move or you want something that can help you manage your projects, there’s a lot of truth in the phrase “ there’s an app for that”.

However, if you’re looking to create your own app, you may be worried about whether your idea has already been done. If that’s the case, don’t panic, as there are a variety of similar- but –slightly-different apps out there, and as long as you put your own slant on it, it doesn’t mean your app will be left in the dust. If you’re looking to develop an app but need some inspiration, here’s a few of our favourites that might inspire you to do better!


One of the coolest iPhone apps you will ever come across is called Fuzel. It allows you to create cool photo collages free of charge. It has a variety of features and a smooth user interface that allows you to combine photos, add effects and write captions with absolute ease. It imports images and cleverly positions them so that they can fit within the chosen frame. It also allows you to add various filters and resize your photos accordingly.

Doodle Buddy

Doodle buddy is another amazing iPhone app. It is described as the most fun you can have with your finger. It is a free doodling app that comes complete with an assortment of playful backgrounds as well as stamps that you can choose from. It also has a variety of colorus to choose from and you can apply the colors in form of a glitter pen, paintbrush, text and chalk. It also has the option that allows you to switch between using a pencil and freehand drawing.


Another iPhone app that may inspire your app design is Photochop. It is a very affordable and cheerful little photo editing app for mucking about with images. To use it, you will simply need to pick a picture from your iPhone’s picture library, chop it up into tiles and do whatever modifications you would like to do with it.

FiMiC Pro

FilMiC Pro is also an amazing iPhone app. In fact, it will be an answer to your frustrations if you are a film maker. It allows you to set the focus as well as exposure of the Apple’s default camera app separately. It enables you to lock these features individually, and also the white balance. The features are very important for getting the right tone as well as mood of what you are filming, and FilMiC Pro ensures that they done correctly.

adobe kuler

Another iPhone app that is worth taking note of is Adobe Kuler. It is one of the best apps around for colour picking. It allows you to capture five points of colour in any scene, create a swatch that can be tweaked, saved and use it on another Adobe tool such as Illustrator. You can also use Adobe Kuler to extract colour from images on the web, Flickr or in your own photo stream. It also includes RGB sliders, preset colour modes and a color wheel.

There are many other iPhone apps that will inspire your App Design. Searching the iTunes store to get some inspiration is something even app development companies do, and is a good starting block to begin brainstorming ideas!

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