Nowadays, people are searching about how to run iOS apps in Windows. It is one of the most trending searches on Google. So, if you are searching for the best iOS emulator for Windows, then this article is for you. We are here today with the best iOS emulator for Windows which can help you in running iOS apps on your Computer or Windows Laptop. Even last week, we did receive a mail from one of our loyal readers to suggest the best iOS emulator for Windows, so, here we are.

There is a number of iOS emulator for Windows, but we have listed the best ones after deep research and testing. Android and iOS are the two major OS competitors. iOS devices are quite costly, and if you want to run iOS apps on your Windows PC, then you landed at the right place. If you are running short of money to buy an iPhone, then the best choice is to put your hands on iPhone emulators.


Here we will discuss the best iOS emulator for Windows and how to use them. These emulators are simple, easy to use and install as well as require basic systems. Come on! Let’s have a look.

But guys,

Before moving ahead, I would like to talk in brief about what exactly an emulator is.

An electronic program which allows a computer to act as a ‘guest’ system and can run all the apps, as well as the software of the guest system, is known as an emulator. To be specific, the emulators are significantly designed for the developers to test the apps and various other programs. We can also say that emulators are the virtual machines which help in supporting the operation of applications which actually belong to other OS and smoothly run them. Emulators help in running the applications for the multiple or specific OS including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, etc.

What is iOS Emulator?

iOS emulator allows the Windows system to install and run any iOS app or game in it. Users can easily access the iOS apps and games on their Windows PC just like they run on the Apple devices. Using the emulators and simulators, you can simply test run the apps to debug them or while developing them.

Why use iOS Emulator?
There are a number of uses of iOS emulator besides running of iOS apps and games. Its other uses include:

  • Used during the development process for testing the apps
  • Easily run on multiple devices running on the same OS
  • Easily finds the issues during the early design and testing of the apps
  • Test the app with the developer tools
  • Helps in learning more about Xcode and iOS development experience before entering as a member of iOS Developer Program.

Advantages of using an Emulator
An emulator offers a number of advantages, which includes:

  • Free to use
  • Provided with SDK along with the release of a new OS
  • Easy installation
  • No requirement for high-tech systems or process
  • Simple to use
  • Faster programming

Emulator and Simulator- The Difference
Though both sound the same, but there is a difference between the two.

An emulator is a replacement to the device. It doesn’t modify any application or software of the original device and runs perfectly. It even doesn’t point out any difference in the duplicate system. These are significantly used by those people who are not able to afford the iOS device, yet want to experience the world of iOS apps and games. And yes, using the emulator you can experience the interface of iOS device without having the one.

Unlike emulator, a simulator does set up the similar environment as that of an original device, yet doesn’t strive in replicating the hardware. This is the reason that there are a number of iOS apps which doesn’t work in simulators or work differently. It launches instantly and runs the code smoother as well as faster.

The most preferred one is an emulator both by the users and the developers for testing the apps because of its flexibility and user-friendly features.

Best iOS Emulator for Windows

1) iPadian Emulator
iPadian emulator stands on number 1 on this list because it works flawlessly and is capable of running all the iOS apps on the PC. It is the best-recommended iOS emulator for Windows and the best thing about it is that it does support the latest Apple OS updates. It is simple and easy to use an emulator which can be easily installed on the computers. It is one of the best iOS emulator which gets featured in most of the articles about ios emulator.

2) MobiOne Studio
It is both iPhone emulator and simulator for Windows. It works as a cross-platform for bother Android and iOS mobile app systems. By the means of Cordova/PhoneGap open source framework, the apps are built on HTML 5 hybrid native app model. The native iOS apps can be easily built by MobiOne Studio which is compatible on any device and can be used anywhere. Using this emulator, you can easily build the desktop status notifications as well as share the apps and web app links through email. Also, it also helps in configuring the apps with AppCenter Progress view. Not only this, MobiOne even helps in downloading the app installation file automatically on the PC for free.

3) Air iPhone Emulator
Air iPhone emulator is a replicate of iPhone’s graphical UI and is considered as an alternate iOS simulator. For using this emulator, you need to have an AIR framework. It is not a fully functional application and thus the apps will run differently within it and on the device. Though this emulator completely reproduces the iPhone, yet the developers face difficulty in testing the apps.

4) iPhone Simulator
iPhone Simulator is the best iOS emulator for Windows which allow the users to have an access to all the iPhone apps and games on the PC. All the underdeveloped apps can be tested easily and smoothly using the iPhone Simulator. And yes, if you can’t afford an iPhone, then you can use this app to experience a virtual iPhone on your PC. This iOS emulator has a high-quality interface and graphics which are an exact copy of an iPhone. The only backdrop of this emulator is that it doesn’t give an access to Apple App Store and few apps by default. It is available for free and can be easily installed on PC.

5) iPad Simulator
The iPad simulator is a Google Chrome extension which perfectly works as a simulator and a cloud OS in the Chrome browser. This Chrome extension provides the users with an iPad interface. The users can even use the iMessage app for sending and receiving messages just like in iPad. When someone replies back, the notifications are received within the extension which is an amazing feature. This is the ultimate option for those people who cannot afford iPad because of its high price. Apart from this, the users will even get other features including Siri, cloud access, can organize the cloud desktop with the iPad apps, HD animated background, creating unlimited pages for the apps, multitasking, drag-n-drop apps, elegant and simple interface and much more.

6) Smartface
It is an iOS app simulator as well as a tester which act as a cross platform for the native iOS apps. In simple words, Smartface is a full-featured enterprise mobility management platform which helps in removing the dependency, reducing cost, provides strategic mobility solutions and increasing the productivity. It offers full debugging options of the apps which help the developers with full flexibility in developing the apps and working on them. Other features of this emulator include enterprise services and plugins, javascript library, plugins support, debugging and testing apps, design editor, and single javascript codebase.

All we can see is that if you really want to have an iOS device experience without owning it, then the best option is the iSO emulator. The iOS emulators support all the iOS versions and devices. They are available for free and even support all versions of Windows. If you really want to put your hands on with the iOS apps and games without owning a device, then use the emulator. And, if you were wondering about which iOS emulator is the best, then we have listed them above.