On Monday, Apple unleashed the new iOS 8 to the world. We all knew that everyone will be taken by surprise and yes they took us but in sort of a negative way. We all know that back before, almost all the popular apps available on play store were actually arrived from Apple’s iOS app store. But things are going reverse now as most of the new features introduced in iOS 8 Beta are actually being used by Google’s Android from quite a while. This may result in a huge popularity decrease of iPhone against an Android powered smartphone. To see which are those new features copied from Android OS, let me take you through this article.

iOS 8 features stolen from AndroidThe battery management feature: The Android OS has been using this feature in many of their previous version to help its customers while managing the battery power between the apps while Apple, in spite of knowing the battery drainage problem, are so late to introduce this handy feature.

The Widgets: Nothing new for android customers. They know this feature is quite has been a good one for them from so long. But iOS 8 is here with the half-baked cake, making these widgets available only in Notification Centre and not on home screen. Well, they will till next update or next upgrade to the OS because they have told themselves that this is a great thing.

The actionable notification:  The notification now on iOS 8 will be interactive and users will be able to perform tasks through their notifications without opening the app. This is also one good functioning that has been on Android before the iOS.

The Improved Photo Backup on iCloud: The iCloud has always been a mess for apple users because of so many errors and bugs in this Cloud Storage app but they have come up with an idea similar to Google’s Cloud Storage promising a better and fast experience to Cloud Storage now.

Third Party Keyboards and Keyboard Predictions: Finally apple has made a grip on its system keyboard which was quite simpler before now. They have set their keyboards to predict what users are willing to write. Matter of fact, Google’s Android owns this feature from its version 1.5. They have also welcomed the third party keyboards like Swipe to their iOS 8. But these all were there in Android from years we can say.

The App Interactions: Before now, if you wanted to upload a picture to Google+ from your iPhone, then you have to save the picture, go to your browser, open G+ and upload it from there but now iOS 8 has this on share button so you can directly upload it from the picture opened. That means the apps will be connected with one another, same as Android.

Other than these, we have many original things in iOS 8 but the major upgrades have a lot of copying from Android, and it is in the air right from the announcements of iOS 8.

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